Anthropology, African and African-American Studies Students Call for ‘Transformative Change’ in Petition to Department Heads

Students distributed a petition Monday outlining steps toward “radical, truly transformative change” to department structures they say facilitated abuse, beginning with the removal of three faculty accused of sexual misconduct.

Anthropology Faculty Call for Urton’s Resignation as More Former Students Accuse Him of Sexual Misconduct

Twenty-five members of the Harvard Anthropology faculty requested professor Gary Urton’s immediate resignation Thursday. Two former Ph.D. students told The Crimson this week that Urton sexually harassed them when they were graduate students.

Anthropology Prof. Urton Placed on Administrative Leave After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay has placed Anthropology professor Gary Urton on paid administrative leave following allegations of sexual misconduct against him, she wrote in an email to Anthropology students, faculty, and staff Wednesday morning.

Anthropology Department Removes Urton as Undergrad Studies Director After Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Harvard’s Anthropology department has removed professor Gary Urton as the Director of Undergraduate Studies in light of allegations that he pressured a former student into “unwelcome sex,” per an email sent to undergraduate concentrators Tuesday.

Harvard Anthropology to Form Committee to Address Department’s ‘Long-Standing Problems’

Harvard’s Anthropology department chairs wrote in an email Saturday that they will “work to dismantle” structures that contributed to “an environment in which abuses continue to manifest and go undetected” in response to a story published by The Crimson Thursday.

Protected by Decades-Old Power Structures, Three Renowned Harvard Anthropologists Face Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Senior Anthropology professors Theodore C. Bestor, Gary Urton, and John L. Comaroff have weathered allegations of sexual harassment, including some leveled by students. But affiliates said gender issues in the department stretch beyond them.

Appeals Court Dismisses Former Professor’s Tenure Lawsuit

A federal appeals court last month affirmed a district court’s dismissal of a lawsuit by former Harvard associate professor Kimberly S. Theidon, ending her long-running lawsuit alleging that the University unfairly denied her tenure.

Jury Could Hear Former Associate Professor’s Gender Discrimination Suit Against Harvard, Judge Says

A lawsuit brought by former Harvard Associate Professor Kimberly S. Theidon alleging the University unfairly denied her tenure could be headed to trial after a federal judge said at an appeal hearing Wednesday that the case may be better left to a jury.

Tozzer Building

The Tozzer Building on Divinity Avenue houses the Anthropology department.

Court Dismisses Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Harvard

A federal judge ruled last month that former associate professor Kimberly S. Theidon failed to prove Harvard violated Title IX policies in denying her tenure.

Mary Steedly, Cornerstone of Anthropology Department, Dies at 71

Steedly, remembered for her eloquent writing, unfussy demeanor, institutional dedication, and passion for dogs, died on Jan. 4 due to breast cancer. She was 71.

Under the Wall

Ieva Jusionyte, an associate professor of anthropology, talks about the politics of security on the U.S./ Mexican border, and how border security and first responders deal with threats and hazards that cross borders.

Anthropology Department Urges Faust to Designate Harvard a Sanctuary Campus

In an email, members of the Anthropology Department called on University president Drew G. Faust and other Harvard administrators to protect undocumented students by designating Harvard a sanctuary campus.

Smashing Agassiz’s Boulder

Joseph L. Graves discusses the legacies of former Harvard professor Louis Agassiz and Charles Darwin’s legacies in Northwest Labs Tuesday night. The talk was part of a speaker series put on by the Peabody Museum for their 150th anniversary.

Dominance of Western Perspectives Troubles the Social Sciences

American and Western European foci and schools of thought continue to dominate social science fields at Harvard, frustrating some students and faculty even as other perspectives and methods grow.

Court Declines Motion to Protect Names in Tenure Denial Case

An ongoing lawsuit that alleges Harvard discriminated against a former associate professor on the basis of gender has now provoked a broader dispute about the confidentiality of the University’​s tenure process.

Harvard Weissman's Conservators Protect Objects of the Past

IN Touch With History: On a dreary afternoon, a conservator fills in the cracked colors of a centuries-old illuminated manuscript. Down the aisle, the personal photo album of an African royal family is restored before it is destroyed by time. At Harvard’s Weissman Preservation Center, conservators connect with stories of the past through the artifacts they touch.

Professors Support Resolution To Boycott Israeli Institutions

Twenty-one Harvard faculty and graduate students have voted or signed a petition to place a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions on the American Anthropological Association’s spring ballot.

Families Interact with Ancient Artifacts at Archaeology Fair

Ancient Mayan teeth and a mummified crocodile were among the artifacts featured at the Peabody Museum’s Amazing Archaeology Fair on Saturday.

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