Hurricane Sandy

Students Assist Red Cross Effort

A week after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, the Harvard Red Cross kicked off a fundraiser Sunday with the goal of raising one thousand dollars for hurricane victims.

Harvard Homeless Weather Sandy

For Merlin, who only gave his first name, and many others who had to brave the elements, the storm on Monday and Tuesday meant an added challenge on top of the daily struggles of homelessness.

Taking Care of Business

Workers work to remove fallen tree limbs from Cambridge Common on October 30, after Hurricane Sandy swept through the area on Monday. The storm, which caused Harvard to cancel classes for the first time since 1978, was very windy and resulted in many trees losing branches .

Harvard Square Businesses Cope with Effects of Severe Weather

When Hurricane Sandy battered Harvard Square, Cambridge businesses were forced to reassess their usual consumer priorities.

OCS Reschedules On Campus Interviews Due to Hurricane

As Harvard students braced themselves for “Frankenstorm” Sandy by stocking up on food and water at CVS, and the College announced the cancellation of classes, the administrators at the Office of Career Services faced another difficult task Sunday evening: how to handle the 106 On-Campus Interviews scheduled for Monday.

Student Dissertation Sticks to Schedule Despite Hurricane Sandy

Although Hurricane Sandy interrupted all but core Harvard University operations Monday, the so-called superstorm was no match for Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Ph. D candidate Mollie A. Woodworth.

Hurricane Sandy

Students run through the Old Yard braving the weather of Hurricane Sandy. Due to high winds and rain many large tree branches and leaves were scattered throughout Harvard Yard, Tercentenary Theater, and the rest of Harvard Square.

Students, Professors Enjoy Rare Day Off

As Harvard closed its doors for Monday's classes in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, students and Cambridge residents say they were enjoying the thrill of the meteorological event—and the day off it allowed.

Sandy Shuts Down Classes, Exams for a Day

With gusts topping more than 60 miles per hour, Hurricane Sandy brought down branches, power lines, and several midterms as Harvard suspended classes due to weather for the first time in 34 years.

Brown and Warren Cancel Final Debate

With Hurricane Sandy looming, Senator Scott Brown announced he would not participate in the final Senatorial debate with Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday night.

Students Give Dining Hall Staff a Standing Ovation

While you spent the day in pajamas scrolling through your newsfeed thinking about all the homework you should be doing, Harvard University Dining Services went about their business as usual, grilling your veggie burgers and dishing out quinoa. When all of Harvard shut down for the third time in its entire history, HUDS was one of the few staff services that did not get to stay home. For their hard work, students and staff decided to show their gratitude through a standing ovation.

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