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Don't Be Afraid of Harlem

But the fear that felt like a bulldozer barreling through my stomach began to fade as I approached the steps of the Terence D. Tolbert Educational Complex, home to the KIPP Infinity Elementary and Middle Schools, two of a nationwide family of charter schools that have devoted themselves to educating underserved communities.

A High-Stakes Dean Search: Transition in University Hall During the Capital Campaign

Administrators and student leaders say that the next permanent College Dean has the potential to maximize the College’s gains from the campaign, particularly if he or she is called upon to serve a more active role in soliciting donations.

The Dean of the College: Leading with Limits

Within the next year, the man or woman whom Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith names as the 19th Dean of Harvard College will take charge of 6,700 undergraduates and a host of employees and administrators. But despite the breadth of this charge, the new Dean will find that many of the aspects of University life most relevant to the student body do not fall directly under his or her control.