Office Hours

CS50 in Widener

Students and teaching fellows congregate in Widener Library for one of many CS50 office hours planned for the coming months. In prior years, office hours were held in places like Annenberg and Mather House, but this year will feature them for the first time in the historic library.

Econ Tutoring

Stephen A. Turban '17, an economics concentrator, seeks help during the new student-led Economics Question Center, which runs Sunday-Thursday. Turban said that "office hours are the biggest thing people miss out on in college."

When and Where Not To Brain Break

The scene is familiar to many—chairs scattered, cups strewn over surfaces, students huddled around a lone TF, perhaps trying to debug a piece of rogue code or attempting to solve a complicated differential equation. To some, this is the scene of a battlefield, where one's hopes of getting a good night's sleep quickly vanquish. To others, however, there are only two questions—where the hell did all the food go, and who is to blame for the disappearance of the beloved ranger cookies?

CS50 Revises Office Hours to Be More Social, Efficient

In a format inspired by the Apple Store’s Genius Bar, arriving students log in to the course website,, and access CS50 Queue—a new application crafted this summer by Teaching Fellow Thomas M. MacWilliam ’13.

Andrew Berry

In our new Office Hours series, we interview some of Harvard's most colorful professors on issues related, or sometimes unrelated, to their field of expertise. In this edition, Professor Andrew Berry talks about Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and the beauty of evolutionary theory.

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