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Motivated by Profits and Ideology, Harvard Students Jumped on GameStop Investing Trend

Harvard undergraduates who bought stock in GameStop earlier this month had varying prior experience in investing, and held mixed motivations for the risky investment — from an attempt to earn extra money, to a desire to punish hedge funds that had bet on the stock prices going down.

'Alto's Odyssey' Launches Genre to New Heights

“Alto’s Odyssey” succeeds with such beauty and grace, one forgets that what one is playing is “just” an endless runner, “just” a game for a phone or tablet. “Alto’s Odyssey” isn’t just the best of its genre—it’s better than its genre.

‘Event[0]’ a Beautiful Game Starring a Mostly Friendly Chatbot

While plummeting towards a defunct, long-abandoned ship still in orbit around the moon, a hauntingly beautiful smoky jazz piece plays over the speakers. Once you’re on the ship, you begin your game-long conversation with Kaizen, the ship’s onboard AI.

The King Doesn't Live Long in 'Reigns'

Your decisions are brought to you in the form of cards; each card, presented by a character with their own mysterious motivations, is stylishly crowned with a minimalist depiction of that character.

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