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Drake in concert at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA.
Arts Blog

What the Hell Happened: Drake Now Co-owns an Esports Company

In a world where the legitimacy of esports is questioned by so many, celebrity figures’ support for the scene (both financially and otherwise) helps solidify it as a vertical market in the world of entertainment.

Arts Blog

Unpopular Opinion: Battle Royale Games are Boring

I’ll come right out and say it: Battle royale games are boring.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Screenshot

'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' is a Somber, Realistic Medieval RPG

If you like open-world RPGs and are looking for one to sink hundreds of hours into, this should be your next purchase.

Ninja in one of his YouTube compilations.

What the Hell Happened: Ninja's Twitch Takeover

At 50,000 subscribers, Ninja is earning upwards of $150,000 per month. The sheer amount of money being thrown his way is astronomical. At first thought, it just does not seem possible.

'Beautiful Thugger Girls' by Young Thug

‘Beautiful Thugger Girls’ Ambitious but Underwhelming

Young Thug takes his mumble-rap style to a clearer, more refined level while also managing to step outside of his comfort zone. The vocal clarity on this project draws closer attention to the lyrics, however, an area where he continues to struggle to bring depth.

Things we Lost cover

‘Things We Lost in the Fire’ Misplaces the Macabre

While the stories in "Things We Lost in the Fire" often incorporate the supernatural in some way, they are far from being what one consider “ghost stories.”

Kanye West

2017 Grammys Predictions

With nine Beyoncé, eight Kanye West, and five Adele nominations, who will come out on top?