February 11, 2021

Volume XXXII, Issue I

Editor's Note

Dear Reader, Welcome to the new regime! We’re thrilled to have you. We promise sparkling new content and intrepid reporting; we continue to hope and pray for an issues tab on our website, just as our forebearers did. And we are quite excited about this first issue. We’ve got FYH diving deep into the phenomenon of ‘ghost kitchens’ as a possible salve for the restaurant industry’s pandemic struggles. CHG gets the scoop on Professor Ed Glaeser’s predictions for post-pandemic cities — while also highlighting some excellent bowties. The future of love lies in TCK’s hands as she investigates the Aphrodite Project, an algorithm-based matching service for local college kids. DCB looked into Active Minds, a new mental health group filling the gap left by the temporary disbandment of peer mental health groups. The cancellation of a popular introductory Education course prompted some questions, and SSL and FJB provide some complex answers. In the inaugural article of our ‘Inquiry’ content category — a new space to provide culture commentary — GRO explores a rift over ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flags in her hometown of Weymouth, Mass. And in his Endpaper this week, SDC poignantly details the realities of grieving during the pandemic. At the heart of this week’s issue is the story of how the Federalist Society, born out of Harvard Law School in the 1980s, grew to transform the conservative landscape of American politics. MKT digs deep into the crucible of the group — a rejection of the popularity of leftist ‘Critical Legal Studies’ at the time — and how the group’s rhetoric of persecution has taken lingered in the decades since. We hope you enjoy our very first issue as much as we did. With love, OGO & MNW