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From Harvard to Sundance and Back Again With Shirley Chen '22

She remembers often feeling underrepresented when auditioning for lead roles when she was younger — she was often one of two Asian-Americans waiting backstage. Now, Chen no longer feels as if she can only audition for the token “type-A student or best friend.”

Perceptive Automata Can Predict Your Jaywalk in Harvard Square

Perceptive Automata, a Boston-based startup founded in 2015, aims to make the presence of autonomous vehicles on our roads as mundane as asking Siri to tell a joke. But the stakes may be higher than the ones chipper AI assistants present: while Siri’s occasional misinterpretation of a simple command might result in an inconvenient manual Google search, a self-driving car’s mistake could result in a fatal accident.

Seeing Red with Steven Biel and Lauren Kaminsky

Yet over the course of our conversation, their story — how they individually pursued their passion for history and literature and, eventually, came to work together as colleagues and close friends — is anything but boring.

A Social Social Studies Thesis

The year is 1978, and five women gather outside the office of Social Studies department chair Michael Walzer. As they wait, shoes tapping, they discuss the most recent Phillips Brooks House Association meeting and debate strategies for empowering marginalized groups. They are here to write their thesis — together, not alone.