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'Point Omega' Explores Complexity and Consciousness

One could easily consume Don DeLillo’s “Point Omega” in a single sitting.


"[title of show]" Goes Meta, To Mediocre Results

The adage "write what you know" is one of the most well-worn pieces of advice in the old literary playbook. For Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell, the creators of the musical "[title of show]”—which runs through February 13 at the Boston Center for the Arts— this saying became the playbook.


"Bat Boy" Sighting a Pleasantly Strange Event

Part moral inquiry, part love story, and primarily ridiculous, “Bat Boy: The Musical” does not fail to entertain with its tragically comic and campy story of acceptance.


Editor's Picks 2009

Arts execs take a break from ranking Radiohead vs. Spoon to rank... whatever they feel like.


Getting a Leg Up

Supportive venues help burlesque troops give modern audiences what they want

Attempts on Her Life
On Campus

Stone’s ‘Attempts’ An Awesome Success

HRDC's latest Loeb Ex production "Attempts on Her Life" explores the painful awareness of internal and external contradictions as centered on the fluid character of “Anne.”

Have An 'Art

As the film cut to black at the end of the screening of Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi’s “Z32” on Sunday,

Assing Around at the A.R.T.

With a name like “The Donkey Show,” it should be unsurprising that an appropriate adjective to describe Diane Paulus’ inaugural

"Greene" Lacks Context

Brothers Charles and Henry Greene have a most appropriate surname. Their work—currently the focus of “A New and Native Beauty:


Soft-core porn has rarely been as wonderfully unsexy as in Filipino director Brillante Mendoza’s thoroughly engaging drama “Serbis.” Rather than

'Acropolis' Gives Laughs Now

If you’ve still got the acrid taste in your mouth from when gasoline prices were at an all-time high or

Top Five Disney Lovers and Their Lies

In 2009, we will usher in a new era of American history. Not only will there be a black President

Unnamed photo

Projected Benefits

For decades, Hollywood has been the Mecca of the American film industry, while Boston has remained a city with more

Communist Dracula Wins Pageant

Separating fact from fiction can be a difficult balancing act, but playwright Anne Washburn has impressively smudged that division, leaving

Bonnaroo: You Ain't No Woodstock

In June of 2008, hidden on farmland in a small town in Tennessee, a village of nearly 100,000 people was