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Frazier Maps a Bleak Landscape in ‘Travels in Siberia’

When asked why he had ventured into the territory (five times in 16 years), Frazier replied, “Well, I think, I wanted to step out of time… You’re going somewhere, and you’re no longer just in the company of your own contemporaries. You’re in the company of everybody that’s ever traveled here.”

Art Without Depth in Cunningham’s Latest Novel

“By Nightfall” intends a penetrating examination of middle-aged life and its crumbling foundations, but it lacks focus and convulses with histrionics, rendering the book simply teenage angst for grown-ups.

Love Prevails in 'Surrendered'

Fundamentally a contemporary war novel, "The Surrendered" derives its plot from a scrutiny of the most basic of human experiences—love and conflict.

Moya Struggles to Charm in 'Snakes'

Superficially a fantastical page-turner, the novel is at its core an uncompromising interrogation of authority, a gruesome satire whose pivot turns on exposing the consequences that result from a manipulated identity.

Turning Over an Old Page

Looking to the past, a recent publication by HU Press tells new story of America's literary history to no one in particular