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List-servs We Wish We Were On

The Harvard Computer Society keeps archives of all College list-servs, including their names as well as the emails exchanged through them. Many of these archives are only accessible to members of the lists themselves, but plenty of them are wide open. Let that sink in for a moment. Remember that email full of Spider-Man gifs you sent across your dorm list freshman year? It’s accessible until the end of time. And that’s just the beginning of what FM found. We now know your secrets.

Harvard Salaries by the Numbers

As this week’s Scrutiny focuses on tenure at Harvard, FM takes a look into how our professors are actually doing ...

What Your Freshman Dorm Posters Say About You

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Nothing brings sophistication to a dorm room like an eight-dollar poster of Audrey Hepburn. As she coolly surveys your scattered party dresses and unmade bed, Audrey is confident in you. Your secret that your “pearl” earrings are from Forever21 will be safe with her. If Holly Golightly can go from country bumpkin to a Manhattan socialite, surely you can nail down that coffee-fetching publishing internship in New York this summer. Or at least learn to do your laundry a classier number of times per month.

In Science Center, Microbiology Class Puts Science On Stage

Microbiology 213: "Social Issues in Biology" delves deeply into the ethical issues that connect biology and medicine to the human experience. Professor Beckwith has taught this class for over 20 years, but this is the first year that the class has produced a theater piece.

Buy Bras and Crocs to Support Harvard?

The Harvard Management Company certainly isn't headed to the thrift shop with nearly $31 billion dollars in their pockets. Harvard's investments in Smith & Wesson, one of the largest gun distributors in the United States, recently raised concern among alums and current students in the Responsible Investment at Harvard Coalition. But one investment is small potatoes for the HMC. Even if they choose to divest from Smith & Wesson, they'll still have money to blow on high-end retail, tacky shoes, and even entire countries. You name it—Harvard has probably already invested in it.

Speak Up, You’re Not Alone.

Visitors to the new "Harvard Speaks Up" website are greeted by familiar faces—those of their peers and their advisors, their professors, and their housemasters. None of the submissions are anonymous. Harvard's Student Mental Health Liaisons launched the electronic twist on their public forum this week. All members of the Harvard community—students, alumni, faculty, and staff—are invited to upload short videos sharing their mental health experiences. Participants describe their own obstacles and and how they have coped. All videos end with the phrase, "Speak up, you're not alone.”

Quiz: Spring Break

Somewhere past the impending midterm season is the heavenly, sun-tanned mirage of Spring Break 2013. Not sure about what you’re ...

Game of Thrones

At Harvard, it can be difficult to tell history from myth. Archives, legends, and centuries-old student organizations all do their ...