Senior Week and Commencement
Senior Week and Commencement

Commencement & Senior Week Drinking Game

-Anyone who mentions how old they feel must take a drink.
By Zach T. Osborn and Rachel M. Wehr

-Anyone who mentions how old they feel must take a drink.

-Drink if someone falls off the booze cruise; stop drinking if that someone is you.

-Whenever anyone starts to cry, waterfall in solidarity.

-Every time you’re reminded to donate to senior gift, donate some of your drink to the person left of you. That person is then obligated to call you every year to ask for a subsequent donation.

-Take a shot for every “last senior standing” until you can no longer stand.

-Sip for each buzzword: passion, job, future, parents, career, bittersweet, proud, banking.

-Track down and take a shot with each of your Match ’13s. Buy a drink for any blockmate who wasn’t matched.

-Every time you talk about doing a Euro trip with your friends, take sips of drinks from each country you plan to go to. Guinness for Ireland, Stella Artois for Belgium, etc.

-If Oprah gives everybody a car, kill your drink. Then open up the free bottle of champagne under your seat and kill that too.

-Take a sip every time you run into someone you met prefrosh weekend. Then run.

-Every time someone asks what you’re doing in the future, look at your watch, count to 10, and then take a shot. There’s their answer.

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