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Housing Day Shadow: Eliot

The ice crunches beneath my feet as I follow my roommates out into the middle of Eliot courtyard. It’s surprisingly bright out for 6:30 a.m., and some combination of adrenaline and the traditional Housing Day mimosa I consumed in one of the party suites robs the frigid wind of its sting. We stand with our backs to each other and shout at the surrounding walls. “Good morning Eliot! It’s Housing Day! It’s Housing Day! Get up, get up, get up!” We stand still for a moment, watching as lights start to pop on in the windows that line the courtyard. Eliot is waking up.

The Space Between

Harvard is represented in my head by a large Venn diagram. The two overlapping crimson circles are labeled “Before” and “After.” The first circle encompasses my freshman and sophomore years. The second contains my junior and senior years. They are separated by the year I was gone. Not many things fall in the overlap.

Dos and Don'ts

The Harvard-Yale Game, which dates back to 1875, is one of the oldest and most notable rivalries in the history of college sports. It is also one of the most highly anticipated events of the college year for students from both schools. Regardless of whether or not you’re a sports fan, the weekend of The Game is a weekend for memories. These memories will not be created in a cubicle of Lamont or in the silence of Widener—you will likely be alone and crying in these places if you choose to stay behind. Throw on your Crimson gear, get yourself down to New Haven, and keep these do’s and don’t’s in mind as you prepare and proceed for a legendary weekend.

Hate It: Vests

After three years of mediocre costumes (last year I panicked, threw on jeans and flannel and told everyone I was a lumberjack), I was determined that this year I was going to do Halloween right. I was sure I had things locked when I stumbled upon a puffy orange vest in a pile of thrift shop clothes. “Perfect!” I thought. “Pair it with a jean jacket, Walkman, and cardboard hoverboard and I can impress everyone with my rendition of Marty McFly, time traveler extraordinaire.”

Who Needs a Student Center When We Have the Porcellian?

A few weeks ago, the Harvard administration announced some unsettling news. After a lengthy search, a donor for the long-proposed student center had finally been secured. Though construction won’t start on the building for quite some time, the center will likely feature large spaces that can be used for parties, events, and lectures, as well as smaller areas for less formal gatherings.

Drinking Game of Thrones

Whether you’re a dedicated fan who attended the early screening in the Science Center or you’re just watching the show ...

Housing Day Meeting Minutes

HoCo Chair: Dammit, no! We talked about this! Junior: Sorry, I forgot. First we get them to make out with each other!

French Pastry Chef Shares Creations

World-famous French pastry chef Pierre Hermé shared a selection of his best pastries with more than 300 guests last night at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.