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Artist Spotlight: _Z_

_Z_: the alias screams its possessor’s anonymity, an anonymity that protects the artist who bears it. _Z_ lives in Paris and works as an architect, but outside of his professional life makes political cartoons and runs a well-read blog.

"Holiday" A Droll Excursion

The new comedy “The Best Man Holiday” is about a group of nine friends who reunite years after college for what is anything but a relaxing and peaceful holiday weekend. “Best Man Holiday” is a thoughtfully crafted film that addresses many of the complex questions which arise in adult relationships while maintaining a light and humorous tone.

"Conspiracy" at the Loeb

The play “Conspiracy,” which premieres tonight and will run through Nov. 23 at the Loeb Mainstage, opens in a quaint room; conference tables flank the stage accompanied by plush leather chairs. What the audience doesn’t know is that the paintings that adorn the wall were Hitler’s favorites, and the documents the gentlemen read are meant to be the Nazi plan for the extermination of Jewish people.

Singles Rundown

New music from Demi Lovato, Lorde, and Austin Mahone

Adibi Commands an Unusual Palette

Elise Adibi believes that viewing art should not be one-dimensional—the viewer should be able to use multiple senses to interact with the piece. For her upcoming exhibit, which opens Wednesday at Byerly Hall, she infused her paints with an array of aromatherapy fragrances and plant oils to add an olfactory element.

"Air Travel" Lands in the Ex

How do we as humans cope with grief—is there a formula for healing? “The Thing About Air Travel,” which opens tonight at the Loeb Ex, presents a main character who deals with the loss of her brother by imagining him as a dog. By incorporating surrealist elements, up-and-coming playwright Max Posner lightens an otherwise melancholy premise of a family trying to deal with a significant loss.