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To Build Our Own Coffins

We cannot guard our language to the point that we imagine what is nonexistent, ban leaders who should be celebrated, and delegitimize ourselves through the intentional misrepresentation of valid ideas.


When Technology Becomes an Institution

Technology is a tool, not a doctrine. Thus the conversation should surround the tool’s use, not how we respond to its shadow.

Love in Three Case Studies

'Modern Love' in Case Studies

My issue with The New York Times’s “Modern Love” segment is that too many stories either don’t qualify as modern or don’t qualify as love.

Identity Politics

What Jordan B. Peterson Gets Wrong About Identity Politics

The rise of identity politics is a logical conclusion to a process of information generation that also seeks to generalize, reduce, and conclude.


Limitations of Redistribution

If our primary goal is inclusion and equality of opportunity, the solution to this paradox is to be less reactionary as a society and to provide support for those most vulnerable.


China as Phantom

The connection between China and the American right has never been more public. China grows as the United States halts, representing both threat and opportunity for escapism.


Lessons from Dirty Jerz

Perhaps the best conclusion I can give from these nostalgic parables of local governance is that symbolic gestures are meaningless.


Asian Americans Are Not Tools

The insertion of perceived “white discrimination” into Asian American perspectives on college admissions by people who are not Asian American is an attempt to use our struggles against racist national contexts to promote the very structures that have disempowered us.

Column Illustration

Watching Gook

It kept depicting our community as fearful, as broken, as unsympathetic, when it couldn’t have been that simple, because some of the guys circling the roof were, like me, American-born teenagers, and therefore, more fluent in the country’s racial politic.

Beyond Color

Beyond Color

Our eyes were shaped by our color, which had to be explained in detached, difficult dialogue.


​Capitalist at Its Finest

The primary instinct of those with more money than they know what to do with is to give it to someone else.

Disney Column

Disney’s New Cool Girl Aesthetic

Most yellow women in today’s media, regardless of their youth, are marketed as a hipster’s favorite accessory.

Politics of Hate

​On the Politics of Hate

Negativity is a powerful way to organize society and has much usefulness in understanding ourselves, validating our own feelings, finding our voices.

Male Gaze (New Romantix)

The Male Gaze

I came to feminism after coming to terms with the illogical defenses of my own psyche, the ways I tolerated when I should not have, the moments when I was active in the oppression of my own gender because I believed I was harder, more equipped.

Rich Chigga is Asian (Obviously)

Rich Chigga is Asian (Obviously)

In a freestyle on his seventeenth birthday he raps, “Tell your mommy and your daddy that you’re losing to a winner,” which hits close to home. Then, in an interview with Pigeons and Planes, he says, “I avoid talking about my race at all times because I think that’s corny,” which hits even closer.