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33 Seniors Jockey for Class Marshal, Decline From Past Years

Thirty-three candidates jockeyed for positions on the Senior Class committee on Monday, employing campaign strategies that ranged from Facebook events and semi-personal emails to canvassing in dining halls.


Women’s Groups Plan [BLANK] Party to Fill Gap in Social Scene

With the goal of providing an evening free from the pressures of social labels, various women’s groups at the College are organizing the second [BLANK] party for undergraduates, aiming this year at a larger turnout and a later end time.

Winthrop In Progress

Residents Adjust to Swing Housing, Winthrop Renewal

Winthrop House residents have spread out to swing housing across Harvard Square this semester as House renewal resumes in earnest after a yearlong hiatus.

House Life

In Second Year, Sophomore Orientations Expands to Three More Houses

​Orientation is an experience typically reserved for freshmen, but an increasing number of upperclassman Houses are welcoming back sophomores early for their own version of the transition process.


Adams Senior House Party Marred by Missing Phones

At least three students believe their cell phones were stolen at the same event on Saturday evening.

Visual Arts

Youth Shelter Displays Art Exhibition

Aiming to bring awareness to youth homelessness through artwork, the Y2Y homeless shelter hosted an art exhibition on Saturday as part of this weekend’s Arts First Festival.


Photographer Captures Reality of Juvenile Detention System

Speaking over a slideshow of his photography, video, and audio recordings, photographer Richard Ross presented his work shedding light on the juvenile prison system on Wednesday.

Pre-Frosh Weekend
Flyby Blog

Don’t Kid Yourself, Prefrosh. It’s Harvard.

You’ve had your Visitas weekend, got your free drawstring backpack, slept on a common room couch, heard about Harvard’s courses and extracurricular activities, and maybe got a taste of Harvard’s bumping social scene. Now it’s time to make your decision.

Eliot House Escape the Room

Eliot Students Invite Harvard to 'Escape the Room'

​While many Harvard students feel the need to escape the pressures of academic life, they can now try their hand at escaping a room full of puzzles in the basement of Eliot House.


Away from Home, Undergraduates Vote Absentee in Primaries

As voters line up at caucuses and primaries across the nation during the contentious 2016 presidential election, some Harvard students cast their votes with stamps and an envelope, sending absentee ballots to their home states.


Author Reflects on Occupy Movement’s Influence on Harvard

​Author Michael A. Gould-Wartofsky ’07 discussed on Tuesday evening the Occupy movements of 2011, and the lessons on social movements that can be drawn from it.


Law School Hosts African Development Conference

​Harvard affiliates and locals interested in Africa gathered to discuss the continent’s future at the 7th annual African Development Conference, hosted at Harvard Law School this weekend.

Eliot House Spirit
House Life

Students Create Housing Day Hype With Videos

​From dancing on tables to compiling Snapchat stories, residents of the 12 undergraduate houses are busy producing and marketing their Housing Day videos.