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Transit Protest - Street

The Neighbors

All kinds of Allstonians are affected by the congestion—and proposed development—around I-90, and a multi-generational group of neighbors has stepped up.

Ms. G
The Scoop

Out of the Shadows and into Stardom

From injured baby groundhog to world-renowned meteorological superstar, kind of.

Harry T. Newman-Plotnick Juggling

Harry T. Newman-Plotnick

While Newman-Plotnick is a "very big proponent of just sitting around doing absolutely nothing for extended periods of time," this philosophy does not accurately reflect his time on campus.

Will MacArthur

Electoral College

Will H. MacArthur ’20 was one of two sophomores who ran in Cambridge’s recent municipal election; Nadya T. Okamoto ’20 ran for a seat on Cambridge’s City Council. Her campaign, too, was unsuccessful.

Lowell Renovation

A Social Blueprint: Harvard's Houses, From Randomization to Renewal

Amid campus-wide debate on Harvard’s social landscape, some hope that the time is ripe to breathe life into a tired social scene stifled by a socially fractured student body.

Brattle Flowers
Around Town

In Perennial Bloom: A Century at Brattle Square Florist

The shop is an old-fashioned stronghold in Harvard Square’s tumultuous real estate environment.

Professor Roberto G. Gonzales

Roberto G. Gonzales

Roberto Gonzales has done extensive research on undocumented immigrant youth and young adult populations in America.

Annie Jump Cannon

Eyes to the Sky: Annie Jump Cannon and the Harvard Observatory

While Cannon’s system of classification was respected by and essential to the astronomical community, it was dubbed the “Harvard System,” erasing Cannon’s name from its history.

Ivy League Vegan Conference
College Life

More Than Just Tofu: The 2017 Ivy League Vegan Conference

“The purpose of the conference is to open up a dialogue about the potential power of plant-based diets to address the heaps of global issues,” Nina Gheihman, co-organizer of the conference, says.

Paige Innards

Printed on Paige: Harvard Book Store's Book Machine

This mechanical behemoth is Paige M. Gutenborg, the shop’s resident book-making machine.


Venn Diagram: Trudging Through the Slush vs. Bumping into Your Crush

They are both quintessential February experiences. Don't slip and fall... in love!



Sarah Lagan '19
Dorm Crew

The Proud Tradition of Toilet Scrubbing

These maids, alternatively monikered “sweeps,” “biddies,” (a diminutive for the name Bridget that became a colloquial name for a maid) and “goodies,” were considered a staple of the Harvard College experience. In late 1950, university officials anticipated that the maids would soon demand higher wages and proposed the more economical Student Porter Program.

Radcliffe Union of Students
Political Groups

Marching Forward and Looking Back

The recent Women’s March seems to have sparked a greater interest in engaging with feminist issues at Harvard and beyond.

Harvard Square
Harvard Square

Squares Squared

Over the course of my brief excursion, I discovered 12 squares within Harvard Square. Why are there so many? Will the entire city someday be nothing but squares?