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The Word: Nuclear

​My grandmother stood shaking in the open doorway. She called out to my mother and her younger sister, warning them to raise their blue canvas backpacks above their heads as they stepped off the school bus and ran across the front yard. She didn’t know what the end of the world looked like, but she must have imagined that it might suddenly rain down from the sky in large, fiery droplets.

Where the Wild Things Are at 7 a.m.

We are waiting to enter Cure Lounge (described as “Boston’s Sexiest Lounge” on its website) in the wee hours of a Thursday morning to attend Daybreaker: an “early morning dance movement.”

Beautiful Little Worlds: Harvard's Window into the Dutch Golden Age

“The Dutch tradition and the drawings are especially apt to open up immediately and viscerally this relationship between the observer and the observed, and opens itself to life, the social order, and the natural order at precisely a time when Holland was at the forefront of the Enlightenment.”

Warhol's Next Fifteen Minutes

In many ways, “WarholCapote” is the show that never was. The play, based on a collection of long-forgotten tape recordings of conversations between Warhol and Capote, reveals the iconic duo’s unrealized hopes of creating a Broadway play together.