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Arts Vanity: So You Want To Be a Writer? 5 Things That Should Inspire You

You want to be a writer, you say? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Holly Black

Portrait of an Artist: Holly Black

The Harvard Crimson spoke with Black about her writing process, Jude and Cardan, and what’s next for the author.

Riverdale Season Four Episode Seven Still

‘Riverdale’ Review: Nothing Says Thanksgiving like ‘Ice Storm’

It looks like the characters of “Riverdale” celebrated Thanksgiving early, and as anyone could have guessed, no one got a quiet, relaxing dinner with their family.

Riverdale Season Four Episode Six Still

‘Riverdale’ Episode Six Recap: At This Point, Being Bad is ‘Hereditary’

The latest episode of "Riverdale" has brought very little to the table. At this point, the show is a weird re-hashing of problems from previous seasons, with the added benefit of Jughead’s prep school experience and Archie’s ongoing battle with a street thug.

Riverdale Season Four Episode Five Still

‘Riverdale’ Episode Five: Wish I Hadn’t Witnessed ‘Witness for the Prosecution’

Episode Five of Season Four focuses mainly on two things: one of the most convoluted plot lines in recent “Riverdale” memory — the legal proceedings of the Lodge family — and the other one of the most hokey — Betty’s “serial killer” genes.

'Last Christmas' still

‘Last Christmas’ Has No Pulse

The film situates itself somewhere at the nexus of Hallmark holiday schmaltz and Paul Feigian black comedy, saccharine romantic comedy fare and posthumous George Michael publicity material.

Erin Morgenstern

Portrait of an Artist: Erin Morgenstern Talks Video Games and Myth-Making in ‘The Starless Sea’

Morgenstern spoke with The Harvard Crimson about “The Starless Sea,” video games, myth-making, and her ideas for her next big project.

Riverdale Season Four Episode Four Still

‘Halloween’ Equal Parts Scary and Senseless

Keeping up with the times, this week’s episode of “Riverdale” is aptly called “Halloween” and leans into the spookiness of the season.

Riverdale Season Four Episode Three Still

'Riverdale' Review: ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ Includes No Dogs

"Riverdale"'s Farm storyline has taken advantage of viewer’s suspension of disbelief. Sure, the show is known for being “out there” (let’s not forget the Gargoyle King), but this organ-harvesting cult is pushing it.

Girl, Woman, Other and The Testaments Cover

What It Means to Tie: The Booker Prize Names Two Winners

Last Monday, the Booker prize announced its winners — that’s right, winners, plural.

Riverdale Season Four Episode Two  Still

‘Fast Times At Riverdale High,’ Indeed

Since last week’s episode was primarily a tribute for the late Luke Perry, “Riverdale”’s second episode, “Fast Times at Riverdale High” did all the heavy lifting to set up for the show’s Fourth Season. The episode sets up some of the big challenges and changes of this season.

Riverdale Season Four Premiere

‘Riverdale’ Season Premiere Takes Break from Chaos for Tribute to Luke Perry

“Riverdale,” a CW show based on the Archie Comics, is well known for its larger-than-high-school plots and chaotic character arcs. But the Season Four premiere gave viewers a a well-deserved and heartfelt tribute to the late Luke Perry.

The Sentence is Death Cover

‘The Sentence Is Death’ Needs to Watch Its Wording

Horowitz is no stranger to the mystery novel, but “The Sentence is Death” is unfortunately his least exciting foray into the genre.

Final Episode Game of Thrones Still

‘The Iron Throne’ Ends ‘Game of Thrones’ With Plenty of Questions

With a world as large as the one in “Game of Thrones” and all the hype surrounding the final episode, the showrunners were ultimately going to leave fans unsatisfied in some way or another.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Still

‘The Bells’ Rings in More Death for the Final Season of ‘Game of Thrones’

Although “The Long Night” was anticipated to be the most epic episode, the battle at King’s Landing in the most recent episode far surpassed it.