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What the Hell Happened: Kardashian Baby Explosion

Three Kardashian pregnancy announcements within six months is unprecedented and—by my very reliable, AP Stat-backed calculations—highly improbable.

Annihilation Still

‘Annihilation’ Stunning, Yet Baffling

Out of love—and perhaps something more—Lena enters The Shimmer.

Justin Timberlake in "Supplies"

Music Video Breakdown: 'Supplies' by Justin Timberlake

As J.T.’s attempts at political activism play out on screen, it becomes clear that he has taken on too much too fast too soon. This attempt to tackle Trump, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, gun violence, and anti-Muslim discrimination in one four-minute music video is not tasteful.


‘Last Flag Flying’ Has True Intention But Faulty Execution

Linklater does well to evoke outrage with a whipping reminder that the American government can simultaneously have its people’s best and worst interests in mind.


“Theories” Makes Connections Between STEM, Philosophy, and Movement

“There’s some thematic overlap between theories,” said Martinez on the ideas upon which the pieces were based. “Theories” made these overlaps apparent using unconventional methods. What resulted was an uncommon perspective crafted by student choreographers that demonstrated a living relationship between scientific concepts and artistic expression.


‘Frank Steins’ Addresses Disability and Diversity

Not only does his forthcoming play aim to diversify Harvard’s theater scene, but it also aspires to accurately represent those struggling with physical disabilities.

Mary McWilliams
Visual Arts

Arts Spotlight with Mary McWilliams

With over three decades of experience in art history and curation under her belt, Mary McWilliams now serves as Norma Jean Calderwood Curator of Islamic and Later Indian Art at the Harvard Art Museums, where she’s been working since 1998.


‘Pirates of Penzance’ in the New York Mobster Scene

What has contributed to the historic success of “Pirates of Penzance” is its ability to evoke lighthearted laughter from every audience member regardless of age, external circumstances, or political climate.


‘Satire Night Live’: Near-Flawless and Compelling

The comedians of “Satire Night Live” had no trouble cleverly mocking everything Harvard-related, from The Crimson to “politically correct” culture.


‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Worth Learning to Pronounce

Noah Baumbach’s “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected),” starring Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller, is like a pair of Crocs: unapologetically comedic from the outside, but profoundly comforting to anyone who would just give them a chance.