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Bottle Breaking Frames


My hometown is ranked 54 out of 100 on the FBI’s Most Dangerous Cities list in 2019, and — based on violent crime statistics — is the most dangerous city in Texas. It is a well-known fact among our population of approximately 65,000.

Dunster Gate
Commencement 2019

Lawsuits, Libel, and Nepotism: A Scandal in Dunster House

In May 1994, Dunster House was home to controversy among several members of its tutor staff, who charged the House leadership had engaged in biased hiring practices, leading to a stifling climate in the House.

Visitas Graphic

Do You Know What You're Getting Yourself Into?

But spending the money is worth it, because a successful Visitas is imperative for NAHC. We’re a small group, and if we don’t convince enough prefrosh to join as freshmen, our numbers will dwindle. We feel like we have to convince Native prefrosh to commit to Harvard — and once that happens, we have to convince them that we are a community worth investing time in.

Moral Labyrinth Installation Progress

An Interdisciplinary Tangle

“The digital is not immaterial, it’s not some realm alternate to the realm we inhabit as human beings. We think of it as very palpable and material. What we’re interested in is our forms of ideation that translate into our forms of practice.”

Michael Bervell Nonprofit

The Dilemma of the Student Philanthropist

College-aged nonprofit founders face hurdles beyond time management — with less than 22 years of life experience, they grapple with the challenges of defining a philanthropic mission, navigating thorny legal procedures, and organizing projects and employees.

Choctaw Oklahoma logos

The Race Card

There’s such an irony in the blood quantum system: we still use tools of colonization to define ourselves.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Fixing Things and Other Such Pastimes

As I watch the patient’s heart rate slow on the monitor, it strikes me that I am watching a major event in someone’s life. The scar on the patient’s chest will be permanent, and I am here to witness it form.

Word of the Day
Around Town

The 'Hippies with Dolls' Take Cambridge

The show begins with a rendition of the 1386 Battle of Sempach, in which puppeteers in large papier-mâché masks defeat armored cavalry (other puppeteers wearing stilts and papier-mâché horses) with pitchforks and hay rakes. I become concerned for the welfare of the fictional horses.

Magic Gets Intense
Around Town

Where the Magic Happens

To call Magic a card game doesn’t do it justice: Over the years, it has come to encompass novels, comics, tournaments, and a literal stock market.

Transit Not Traffic Trombonist

Musicians of the World, Unite!

That’s because the city’s protest scene is frequented by the Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians, a self-described “fire brigade of musicians” that can show up at any protest at a moment’s notice.

Around Town

For Unto Us a 24-Hour McDonald’s is Born

"Cast your cares upon the steady presence of the Golden Arches and all that they stand for: freedom, capitalism, and the sweet taste of artery-clogging grease."

Jacqueline Epstein's Tattoo

It Takes Two: The Future of Tattoos

People want to be able to understand themselves by just looking at their bodies, rather than stabbing a needle somewhere or having to wear a device all the time.