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Anna Kate E. Cannon

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Magic Gets Intense
Around Town

Where the Magic Happens

To call Magic a card game doesn’t do it justice: Over the years, it has come to encompass novels, comics, tournaments, and a literal stock market.

Transit Not Traffic Trombonist

Musicians of the World, Unite!

That’s because the city’s protest scene is frequented by the Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians, a self-described “fire brigade of musicians” that can show up at any protest at a moment’s notice.

Around Town

For Unto Us a 24-Hour McDonald’s is Born

"Cast your cares upon the steady presence of the Golden Arches and all that they stand for: freedom, capitalism, and the sweet taste of artery-clogging grease."

Jacqueline Epstein's Tattoo

It Takes Two: The Future of Tattoos

People want to be able to understand themselves by just looking at their bodies, rather than stabbing a needle somewhere or having to wear a device all the time.