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Warped Recollections

Through the chilling brushstrokes of a novelist’s pen, veritas becomes mendacium. Déjà vu becomes jamais vu. The familiar once again becomes unfamiliar.


Laughing Through the Sirens

In a world that often feels like the emotional amalgam of stubbed toes, slapped wrists, and slammed doors, it’s easy to feel snubbed.


Let the Storm Come

The society described in “1984”—a world in which humans’ capacity for original thought is confined through increasingly-simplistic diction—is a stone’s throw from the one in which we live today.


Penalties Now Apply: The Class of 2021 Navigates the Sanctions

The first class of students affected by this policy has reacted to the sanctions in a variety of ways.


New Yorker Music Critic Delivers Elson Lecture on Wagnerism

Alex Ross ’90 delivered this year’s Louis C. Elson Lecture entitled “Wagner, Hitler, and the Cult of Art” at the John Knowles Paine Concert Hall on Thursday evening.

Kevin Hassett

Trump Economic Adviser Talks Policy at IOP

Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors Kevin A. Hassett expressed optimism about President Donald Trump’s economic policy at an Institute of Politics event Thursday.

Marielle Franco Rally

Protesters Gather in Yard to Denounce Brazilian Activist’s Assassination

More than one hundred Harvard affiliates and Boston area residents gathered in front of the John Harvard statue Monday to protest the recent assassination of Marielle Franco.

Goldsmith Awards

Martin, Montagne Win HKS Goldsmith Prize

The Goldsmith Prize, which celebrates investigative reporting that “promotes more effective and ethical conduct of government,” debuted in 1991 and is administered by the Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center

First Year Mixer at Harvard College Women's Center
Gender and Sexuality

Women’s Center, Student Groups Host Twelfth Annual Women’s Week

The twelfth annual Women’s Week including events ranging from “Unlearning the Language of Misogyny” to “Making Gender and Music."

Former Spies
Harvard Kennedy School

Former U.K. Intelligence Chief Speaks at Kennedy School

​Sir John Sawers, the former chief of the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service, spoke at a Kennedy School event Monday afternoon.


American Enough

The misguided perception that to be American is to be white pervades communities across America, and Harvard is no exception.