Class Marshal Mad Lib

Dear [classmate/student/senior/buddy!]
By Nicole J. Levin

Dear [classmate/student/senior/buddy!]

It’s been great getting to know you this ______________[semester/year/have we met?] and seeing you _______________ [in the dining hall/ science center/drunk at parties].

By this point, you should have received—and immediately deleted—an email explaining the voting procedure for Senior Class Marshal. You should also have received my _________________[list emails/Facebook event invite/headshot of my dog].

Soon we will be graduating, and so I want to make our senior year ______________ [count/awesome/fun/rad] because ______________ [YOLO/any quote from a Nicki Minaj song].

In my three years at Harvard I have been involved in every club on campus ranging from  _________________[HoCo/Crimson Key/the UC/PBHA/FUP/FIP/J.P. Licks] as well as the _________________________[As Seen On TV product] appreciation club and IM ___________ [sport?].

I’ve wanted to give back to our class since ____________ [freshman year/I got into Harvard/birth] and I would love to have the chance to increase _________________[class spirit/class unity/my own networking potential] during our senior year.  I look forward to planning ___________________ [Commencement/Senior Week/the rest of my life????]  and will even try to get _________________[celebrity/politician/PSY] to be our class day speaker.

Don’t forget to vote for me, and if you have any questions feel free to ___________ [email me/call me/beep me/fax me/stalk my Instagram/come up to me awkwardly in the dining hall].


_____________ [Someone who might have been in your expos section]

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