Econ T-Shirts and slogans
Econ T-Shirts and slogans By Cat D. Hyeon

Demand for Better Econ T-Shirts is Through the Roof

Some alternative suggestions for Harvard Economics t-shirt slogans, including “Like the Keystone Pipeline, but to Goldman Sachs" and “Looking for a causal relationship.”
By Josie F. Abugov, Zoe B.R. Goldstein, Felicia Y. Ho, and Harrison R.T. Ward

Each year the Economics department sends out shirts to the freshmen who have just declared. Those shirts carry banal slogans like “Too big to fail” and “To Beta or not to Beta, that is the regression,” which is as pretentious as it is boring.

We thought we could come up with some slogans that are both more exciting and more faithful to the spirit of the Harvard Department of Economics.

1. “Looking for a causal relationship.”

2. “This is the only shirt I own that's not business casual.”

3. “No drip, hella liquidity.”

4. “Like the Keystone Pipeline, but to Goldman Sachs.”

5. “In the long run, we’re all dead.”