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"Are We In The Minority?"

When a group of Black Harvard students founded the Generational African American Students Association, they created a new label for an old identity. But the act of naming has raised a host of difficult questions about representation within elite spaces, access to the resources they provide, and the efficacy of promoting marginalized groups within them. And advocating for Generational African American Students carries a fraught undercurrent — a tension between specificity and solidarity, a risk of pitting one marginalized group against another.

A New Kind of Porn is Coming

In audio porn, there’s something symbolic about being directly addressed as you, specifically, are guided to your climax. For all intents and purposes, you’re the main character — regardless of the dynamics in the story.

In Transition

When Sarah E. Gyorog first heard about Massachusetts’ stay-at-home order, she immediately thought, “but home isn’t safe for everybody.” As the executive director of Transition House, Cambridge’s sole domestic violence shelter, she knew that the order could pose increased risk for survivors.

Thrifting with They.Them.Their Closet

Only a few hours after Celine Cuadra ’22 and James N. Garavito ’22 launched their Instagram-based thrifting business venture @they.them.their.closet, they were darting across campus to meet new customers in dining halls, study spaces, and even their suite in Mather House. By the end of the night, they’d sold more than $100 of thrifted clothing.

Advice to Josh: Quarantine

With a limited amount of things to do in quarantine, FM is coming back from its six-year hiatus to provide advice to our eternal and anonymous freshman, Josh. We’ve asked FM writers to help Josh come up with some new ideas to help pass his time in quarantine. Josh didn’t even ask for FM’s advice — so you can be the judge of who’s really crying for help here. Anyway, here are their expert answers.

Gabi Abrão’s Virtual Guide to the Pandemic

With over 100,000 followers on her account, her guides are archetypes of the kind of content she produces: self-help meets social theory meets art school meets magic.

A Valentine’s Day Eve Self Love Potion

It’s the night before Valentine’s Day, and I’m in the trendy Somerville event space Warehouse XI. Tonight, it houses the Boston Women’s Market Self Love Potion, which boasts a mocktail bar and about ten vendors selling clothes, jewelry, and skincare products. I note the t-shirts that say “feminist” in cursive lettering.