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Fifteen Questions: Danielle Allen on the Future of Democracy, Optimism, and Minecraft

The political theorist sat down with Fifteen Minutes to talk about practical problem-solving in a divided country. “It’s not exactly that I’m an optimist,” she says. “I’m just a person who believes that failure is not an option. So I’m a ‘not-an-optionist!’”

Borders of the Bike Lane

When I moved back to Cambridge this summer, I started biking in the city for the first time. Among cars making unannounced right turns, buses drifting into the bike lane, and jaywalkers stepping into the street with no warning, every ride was haunted by the threat of collision.

Cornel West and the ‘True Harvard’

This past year, Harvard refused to even consider Cornel R. West '74 — a towering Black intellectual figure who had been tenured at Harvard nearly 30 years before — for tenure. West's 50-year relationship with the University forces us to ask what, exactly, constitutes the “True Harvard”: prestige, endowment returns, a sprawling administration — or those who seek earnest dialogue and speak truth to power, the so-called “undisciplinables”?

36 Questions That Lead to Admission

Admissions interview questions can be notoriously absurd. We've compiled 36 here — 18 of which are real questions current Harvard students say they were asked during their admissions interviews for several elite colleges. Can you guess which ones?

These Harvard NFTs Are Too Hot to Cancel

This all got me thinking — if I want to commodify clout, controversy, and kill the environment, then Harvard has about 380 years worth of history doing just that. So here is what I present to you: The Harvard NFT Collection.