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New American Repertory Theater Development Plan Unanimously Approved by BPDA

The Boston Planning and Development Agency unanimously approved development plans Thursday for relocating Harvard’s American Repertory Theater from its Brattle Street location into Allston, alongside construction of new affiliate housing.

“Carol Kaye Project” Offers a Chance to Remember and Rejoice

“Carol Kaye Project” was an inspiring glimpse into the artistic relationships fostered between Harvard and the larger artistic community of Boston and was a testament to the power of collective remembering.

Yo-Yo Ma’s Masterful Journey Through Shostakovich: An Unforgettable BSO Concert

Through his profound interpretation of Shostakovich’s compositions and unwavering faith in music as a conduit for communication, Ma truly moved the audience, bestowing compassion, understanding, and humanity upon a world in need.

‘Fashioned by Sargent’ Review: The MFA Brings Sargent’s Portraits to Life

The exhibition’s success lies in its ability to contextualize Sargent’s stunning works and provide visitors with the tools to consider portraits not just as stuffy images, but instead as stories that can tell us about the people of the past.

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