Flyby Matchmaker

Flyby Matchmaker is Back with a Bang!

Looking for love? We've got you covered. Fill out a quick survey and we'll send you on a date with a special someone.

Flyby Matchmaker: Chance Encounters and Double Dates

Check out the latest date in our Flyby Matchmaker series. We're looking for couples who wouldn't mind going on a double date for our next post.

Flyby Matchmaker Volume Two, Part One: Lost in the Art Museums

We had our first date of the semester over here at Flyby. Milan and Gunnar dish on how their Flyby Matchmaker date went.

So You're Clingy: A Guide To Non-Romantic Obsessions

Thinking about the important (non-romantic) people in your life? Thinking about them a little too much? You might be clingy.

Flyby Matchmaker, Part Four: Picasso and The Office

​Angelina Massa is an Applied Math concentrator living in Quincy House. She is in search of someone “fun,” “smart” and who has “good arms.” We sent her to visit the café and go on a tour at The Harvard Art Museums with Mark Goldman. He is a joint Chemistry and Physics concentrator who lives in Pforzheimer House. He will “maintain conversations at any cost” and was hoping his date would be “talkative” and “funny.”

The Scoop on the New Datamatch

Love is in the air in the days leading up to Valentine's Day, or at least in the form of filling out 31 questions in a survey and praying that you get matched with that cute guy you always lock eyes with at Greenhouse Cafe–that’s right, Datamatch is back!

Flyby Matchmaker: Pad Thai, Hotline Bling, and Gilmore Girls

​Michael A. Kikukawa ‘17 lives in Lowell and thinks dating in college should be “fun without being overwhelming.” Thomas G. Dumbach ‘18 lives in Kirkland and says he “loves the institution of casual dating and would love for it to make a comeback.”

Lily and Sofia

Lily (left) and Sofia (right) posing with some mugs!

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