Find My Privacy

I curiously monitored my friend’s profile as they traveled to Berg for lunch, boarded the bus to the Science and Engineering Complex for computer science, and attended a party on Friday night. It felt like voyeurism in the digital age — eerie, intimate, and startlingly addictive.

Caroline Calloway Is (Basically) Done Being a Scammer

“I actually think ultimately, in the long run, my first priority in this life is my art,” Calloway says. “If it’s: make books that live on after your death, or have a fulfilling family and be happy, I’m choosing books 10 times out of 10. I would rather make my art than be happy.”

A Sustainable Future for My Oil Town

To the locals, the basin represents much more than her products. She is the unknown mother of life’s necessities and pleasures.

true love

There is something romantic in imagining yourself as a pure, sacred thing. The value that abstinence doctrines place in the body can seem comforting in the face of a sexual culture that leaves many young women feeling used.

True Love Revolution: The Club Where Virginity Rocks

For all of my feminist beliefs, I still find myself affected by the pro-abstinence teachings that I grew up with. If the story of True Love Revolution proves anything, it’s that these sexist doctrines can spring up anywhere — whether that’s in a Southern public school or on a purportedly liberal campus like Harvard.

What’s Going On With Embedded EthiCS?

In 2017, two Harvard professors launched the Embedded EthiCS program, hoping to “bring ethical reasoning into the Computer Science curriculum.” But few students take the program seriously, and many even consider it “funny-bad.” At a time when tech-ethics seems more important than ever, what’s going on?

Phone Affirmations

Before I thought of simply sparking a conversation with my years-old crush, I was repeating variations of 'I don’t chase, I attract,' convinced of its effectiveness by the TikTok creators whom I watched. But testing the concept wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I had believed that such techniques were a convenient shortcut to actual change in my life.

“I Don’t Chase, I Attract”: The Lure of Manifestation TikTok

On manifestation TikTok, superstitions and unfounded techniques promise the fruition of anything you desire. The more I scrolled, the more I was told to repeat phrases, to embrace my delusions, or to use an audio for good luck.

To Revel in An Asian Body

As I reflected on my own relationship to racial fetishization, I discovered that it was overwhelmingly forged through ambiguity: ambiguous interactions, ambiguous responses, and ambiguous feelings. The instances that prompted my immediate, visceral disgust felt secondary to the instances that left me uncertain, on the precipice of being shoved into a tired cultural script but clinging to the hope that I’d hold my ground.

Why Sidechat Matters

Sidechat allows us to imagine an institution more socially coherent than the insular circles we traverse daily.

Harvard and Me

I was the only person I knew of coming to Harvard from South Africa, and, in turn, I was to everyone in South Africa the only person they knew going to Harvard — which is to say, I became Harvard.

Trap On Trial

Still, several questions remain unanswered: Do the supposed “traps” of trap music outweigh its value? Can you evaluate the “right” way to musically reconcile with injustice? How should Black Americans communicate exasperation and emergency and unrest?

Paulson Cover

Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is named for John A. Paulson, a Business School graduate who donated $400 million to the University in 2015.

A Pathetic Aesthetic

The aestheticization — dare I say fetishization — of female pain reaffirms the conditions that made girls sad in the first place. Simply put, the Sad Girl reeks of complacency.

In Defense of Colleen Hoover: Intellectual Snobbery at Harvard

My shame of being found reading Colleen Hoover stemmed from a culture of intellectual snobbery — feeling superior and prideful about the type of culture you consume. It’s the person who prides themselves on their knowledge of “classical” literature, listing off the last names of authors such as John Milton, Charles Dickens, and Jane Austen as if they are family friends.

Mayi Inquiry Design

My shame of being found reading Colleen Hoover stemmed from a culture of intellectual snobbery – feeling superior and prideful about the type of culture you consume.

Learning to Fail

Is it vulnerable or honest about the reality of being at this school? Or is it playing to an aesthetic standard of what a Harvard student is supposed to be: personality, friendships, and academic success, all in one? These performances feed into a perception, however misguided, of students at Harvard and other elite universities as universally capable and flawless super-students, without even the possibility of failure.

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