Computer Science

Harvard Embedded EthiCS Program Receives $150,000 Grant

Embedded EthiCS — an interdisciplinary initiative between the Computer Science and Philosophy departments — will receive a $150,000 grant after being named a winner in the 2019 Responsible Computer Science Challenge last week.

Sociology Department
Social Sciences Division

More Than 800 Institutions Sign Harvard Letter Calling on Brazil to Fund Philosophy, Sociology

Scholars from more than 800 institutions worldwide have signed an open letter — written by two Harvard graduate students — in response to Brazil’s plan to disinvest in philosophy and sociology at public universities.

Philosophy Department

Joint CS and Philosophy Initiative, Embedded EthiCS, Triples in Size to 12 Courses

Embedded EthiCS — an interdisciplinary initiative between the Computer Science and Philosophy departments — has expanded to a dozen courses in the Computer Science department this semester and will extend to other disciplines in the near future.

Philosophy Department
College Life

Philosophy Department

Emerson Hall in Harvard Yard is the home of the Philosophy Department.

Memorial Church

Philosophy Department Honors Late Professor Emeritus Stanley L. Cavell

Harvard’s Philosophy Department held a tribute at Memorial Church followed by an all-day conference on Friday and Saturday.

Emerson Hall
Humanities Division

Philosophy Department Holds Conference on Incarceration and Reentry

University Professor Danielle S. Allen, who gave opening remarks at the conference, said it is vital to canvass the topic of reentry in order to accomplish criminal justice reform.

Emerson Emerges
Computer Science

Computer Science, Philosophy Join Forces on Ethics and Technology

CS 108 is one of six computer science courses this fall that are co-taught by either professors or teaching fellows from the Philosophy department.

Immigration protest

Two More Harvard Affiliates Barred from U.S. After Immigration Order

Two Iranian sisters on their way to study at Harvard were denied entry to the United States this weekend.

"We Can See Your Greedy Side"

Photos of the Day 10.05.16

A Conversation with Cornel West

A Conversation with Cornel West

Cornel R. West ‘74 spoke with Danielle S. Allen, Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, as a part of the center’s Diversity, Justice, and Democracy lecture series on Wednesday.

Marketing The Humanities

Marketing the Humanities

A number of events over Advising Fortnight fit into the larger trend of job-oriented marketing within the Arts and Humanities as many concentrations seek to attract more students and address their career concerns through an increase in job-focused advising events, alumni interactions, and published materials.

Being in Time
Student Life

Being Alone

​Last summer, I spent a month traveling alone, and two catastrophic events took place. In Belgrade I ran out of books—except for Martin Heidegger’s easy-breezy beach-read “Being and Time”—and in Sarajevo I got food poisoning. This meant that I spent my last 72 hours in the Balkans alone in my room, vomiting garlic-soaked lamb’s head, with nothing to do but read Heidegger. This was a terrible experience. But in the weird interplay between being alone and “Being and Time,” I came to understand why it was terrible—and that it might be for a good reason.


Two Harvard Seniors Selected for Marshall Scholarship

Bianca Mulaney ’16 and Rebecca M. Panovka ’16, friends and fellow Quincy House residents, have been named Harvard’s two newest Marshall scholars to their shared surprise and disbelief.

Humanities for Hire

The Humanities at Work

The universe of higher education often bemoans a "crisis" in the humanities, with supposedly dwindling numbers and few job prospects. At Harvard, humanities concentrators face a crisis of choice, attempting to balance their passions with factors like stability and employment. For Harvard graduates, the question is not so much whether you’ll get a job with a humanities degree—it’s where.

Alison Simmons Introduces Humanities 10a

Alison Simmons Introduces Humanities 10a

Philosophy professor Alison Simmons introduces students to Humanities 10a. The two-semester course serves as an introduction to the study of the humanities and can now fulfill the College’s expository writing requirement.