A Spirited Shuttle

Looks like students aren't the only ones getting excited about this weekend's football game. This shuttle parked outside Lowell has ...

Code Red: 911 for Periodic Emergencies

For those desperate times when you find yourself tamponless, padless, and entirely helpless (and wearing white jeans), Olenka M. Polak '15 has come up with a better solution than hiding behind a sweater tied tactfully around the waist. Her proposed iPhone app, dubbed Code Red and currently under development, aims to create a tampon exchange network to connect girls in need with the nearest free tampon or pad. Users will be rewarded with "tampon points" or "craving coupons" for every time they come to the aid of a Code Red request.

Messages of 'LOVE' Featured in the Science Center

Boards covered in Post-It notes have appeared in the Science Center lobby, entreating passersby to scribble down something they love. The notes feature messages about family, friends, locations, and food, among others. Part social project, part happiness booster, the initiative was started by Harvard College Faith and Action and encourages individuals to share their passions with the world.

Dear Dorm Crew, It's Me, Matt Damon

You may have noticed that when Dorm Crew workers clean a bathroom, they leave behind a post-it note inviting feedback in the form of questions, complaints, or compliments. Nineteen years ago today, on Feb. 9, 1993, a certain Lowell House blocking group sent a compliment in to Dorm Crew. If you look closely at the seventh name on the letter, you'll see that it was signed by one "Matthew Damon," aka notable celebrity dropout Matt P. Damon (formerly '92). Even before the days of email, students still managed to express their opinions, often in the form of letters, some of which can be found in Dorm Crew's records.

Post-It Notes Adorn Storefront

If you happened to have passed by Brattle Street today, you may have noticed a cluster of multicolored post-it notes brightening the windows of an empty storefront. In response to the words "Who inspires you?" written in bold black sharpie, the post-it notes express gratitude for a range of beloved people and things. If you're looking for a pick-me-up, these 3x3 inch squares may do the trick.

Two Ways To Reach the Yale University Website...

We all enjoy our fair share of healthy Harvard-Fale, sorry, Yale, rivalry, particularly with the Game fast approaching. Don't feel entirely well-informed to judge our New Haven rival? Check out, which directly links to Yale's website, if you feel like finding out a little more.

Spotted: A Fresh Blanket of Snow

We've waited all semester, and it has finally come—the first actual snow of the season.

Tesla Roadster Rolls Through Harvard

On Sunday night, there was a surprise in store for residents of Lowell House. If they looked into their small courtyard, they would have seen an electric car that some claim will be the future of transportation: a Tesla Roadster charging as its driver visited her old friend, Lowell tutor Andrew M. Leifer.

Praying Mantis in Leverett

Elizabeth C. Spira '11 and Leverett House tutor Jeffrey B. Miller photographed their encounters with the Leverett House praying mantis.

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