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Five Questions With 'The Buried Life'

"Harvard is a great place because you have a lot of smart, ambitious people you can learn from, work with, and sleep with," said Jonnie Penn, one of four members of the project and MTV show "The Buried Life." In an event organized by the UC, the group spoke to a nearly full audience at HLS on Thursday. Embodying a refreshing blend of bro humor and antics coupled with the deeper pursuit to spread an empowering message, the boys spoke about their New York Times bestselling book, good deeds, and breaking into the Playboy Mansion dressed as Oompa Loompas.

For The Moment

Five Things: Halloween Edition

Five Halloween costumes for $5 or under, for groups of five or fewer, and in under five minutes.

For The Moment

Courting in Cambridge

Ames Brown is not your typical nerd. One of the final four on this summer’s season of “The Bachelorette”, and ...


Jeff Zucker

Almost exactly 25 years ago, Jeffrey A. Zucker ’86 was in the middle of his graduation ceremony at Mather House when he received a phone call. It was NBC.

For The Moment

Reasons to Come to Harvard

Just as professional sports teams attempt to woo the best draft picks of the season (read: million dollar salary) so ...

House Life

Choose Your Own Adventure: Karen's Blocking Experience

Remember those Goosebumps books that let you decide your own fate? Welcome to FM's version of that childhood favorite.


Nolan’s ‘Inception’ Is A Dream Worth Having

Dicaprio's work in “Inception” is elevated by the stellar vision of director Christopher Nolan, a phenomenal supporting cast, and the added benefit that this film’s aesthetic compliments the actor’s own suave style. And “Inception” is about as suave as it gets.

Summer Postcard

POSTCARD: 2 Fast 2 Furious

There was no one way to categorize the NASCAR Nation besides by the intensity of competition, the dedication displayed by those involved.


Running Late

I’m sprinting down Garden Street, a little out of breath, laptop case bumping awkwardly at the hip.



Like the opening notes of a Logarhythms A Cappella set, the beginning of a night out at MIT was filled ...


West Meets East

The interior of my mom’s silver Toyota RAV4 was packed to its metal seams with an explosion of family possessions. ...

Fifteen Most Interesting

15 Most Interesting Seniors 2010: Rachel A. Brown

Rachel A. Brown’s ’10 first music venue was her bathroom. Her first audience was her MacBook.

For The Moment

Sun's Out, Guns Out

There’s nothing like the sound of an exploding pigeon to kick start a weekend morning. This past Sunday however, the ...