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The Crimm

Natalia Wojcik discusses everything you've missed in movie, TV, and books.

The Crimm

Natalia Wojcik discusses all the things you've missed in movies, TV, and more.

the Crimm

Natalia Wojcik discusses everything you missed in movies, books, and TV.

the Crimm

In the style of popular e-mail newsletter the Skimm, Natalia Wojcik discusses everything you need to know about TV, books, and movies in the upcoming weeks.

A Hard Sell: The Boundaries between Art and Ads

In an age where advertisements often seem to assault us at every turn (or rather, click) it is easy to develop a cynical attitude about the potential for advertisements to be works of art. But in fact, the history of advertising and the history of art are inextricably linked, and the advents of modern advertising continue to open up possibilities for artistic innovation within the field.

Harvard's Very Own Wikipedian

For seniors who have been slow on the uptake, it’s probably time to get a job. The cash flow from your bank account has slowed to a trickle and the care packages from your parents are no more. Luckily, to supplement your lavish Harvard lifestyle of sushi in Lamont and midnight Tasty Burger, there’s a perfect job opening for you.

A Numbers Game

According to a NYTimes article, as of 2013, the ACT had won the testing race, with 1,666,017 students taking it, versus 1,664,479 for the SAT. It has become the clear favorite of harried and stressed high schoolers looking for their golden ticket to college across the country.

Harvard’s Oscar Madness

Break out your inner fashionista, because the Oscars are tonight! Before you get ready to judge who wore it best and who was an utter train wreck, you might want to take a look at the mathematical genius behind predicting the outcome of the awards.