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PSA: Harvard College Film Fest This Week

Renewing Winthrop


<p>In the weeks leading up to Housing Day, no freshman has ever said “Gee, I really hope I get Winthrop.” It’s the ugly step-child, the odd one out, the bottom of the housing barrel. Everyone says they hate Winthrop because their doubles are anything but spacious. But this isn’t the only upperclassman house that will make you claustrophobic (lookin’ at you, Stone Hall). Unfortunately, Winthrop’s house events, amazing location, and great IM record often get forgotten, and it’s worthy of deserved merit.</p>

Harvard Today

Harvard Today: February 3, 2015

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Flyby Front Feature

It’s October 3rd! Let’s Celebrate

You already wear pink on Wednesdays (or at least you should). But everyone’s allowed to break the rules, right? If you don’t have any pink clothes, you can try Sears.

Crowded Visitas

Prefrosh: Disguise Yourself During Visitas

Visitas is a unique, once in a lifetime experience. And if you can avoid looking like a prefrosh, you’ll enjoy it even more.

Harvard Horizons Symposium

Graduate Students Present Research at Annual Symposium

Eight graduate students presented research on a range of topics at the Harvard Horizons symposium on Tuesday in Sanders Theatre.

Spring is coming to the Yard
Flyby Campus

Pre-Finals Bucket List

So, what should you do for the next four weeks?


Zuckerberg’s Welcome: Kind Gesture, or Selfish Plot?

We all know the story: boy goes to Harvard, boy makes popular social media site, boy drops out of Harvard and goes on to become one of the world’s youngest billionaires. But there’s a plot twist!

Taylor Swift

Move Over, Miley: Celebs Harvard Really Wants to See

Why stop at just Miley? Here’s a list of other extraordinarily talented, beloved celebs we would love to see in the Yard.

Roving Reporter Pforzheimer
House Life

Roving Reporter: How Do You Spell Pforzheimer?

We already know that Harvard students can't name the capital of Canada, but surely they know how to spell, right?

Poor Fish, Rich Pond

On Being A Low Income Student at Harvard

Every year, students all over the world are thrilled to receive acceptance letters to Harvard and other Ivy League schools. It’s a sign that their hard work in school has finally paid off, and that they are on their way to accomplishing even more. But for a large portion of admitted students, it’s not the acceptance letter that guarantees the diploma–it’s the financial aid letter.

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Folklore and Mythology

Courses You Should Have Taken

Another Fifth Monday has come and gone, and everyone’s schedules have been finalized. While some of us are already regretting not dropping Math 21a, others are more than thrilled with their schedules. A select group of students had the ingenuity to choose courses that are truly out-of-the-box.