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Arts Vanity: The Harvard Student’s Guide to Crystals

2018 will vault us firmly into the long-awaited and highly-anticipated next era: the Postdigital Age. In apocalyptic fashion, millennials ridden with Apple Watch anxiety and social-media-posing muscle spasms will band together to give up their gadgets for good, with Urban Outfitters, naturally, in the vanguard.

John Wang Interview
On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: John Wang '16

The Crimson sat down with John Wang '16 to discuss his public art installation at the Radcliffe Institute.

Visual Arts

Portrait of an Artist: Keith R. Hartwig

"I tried to sort of complicate our understanding of why it is we either opt in or opt out of certain surveillance practices."

Joel Janowitz's Studio

Looking Local: Boston and Its Contemporary Art

Boston's contemporary art scene is often perceived as a backwater, simply a little sister to New York's. Yet the city has a cultural ecology all its own, one that benefits from a concentration of universities and a strong sense of local community, but that may now be threatened by rising costs of living. The Crimson takes an in-depth look at the area's artistic environment.

The Signet
On Campus

Searching for Sites Where Art Meets Politics at Signet Teach-In

“I think as a mechanism of culture, art is inherently entangled in the sociopolitical issues and dramas of the time"

Urban Outfitters

What the Hell Happened: Big Retailers Plagiarizing

Shoppers keeping up to date on the latest legal action may realize that the creative work they enjoy wearing does not, in fact, originate in the places they purchase it.

Rebecca H. Dolan

Arts Vanity: Eight Famous Artworks That Accurately Represent 2016

As the year draws to a close, it comes time to reflect, or maybe in the case of 2016, to forget.

VES 56s
On Campus

The Frontier between the Arts and Sciences: Harvard's Pioneers

Harvard College promises its undergraduates a liberal arts education, but under its online course catalog, departmental classes are categorized under four distinct headings. The widespread ingrained sense of division between the arts and sciences traces back to popular ideas about brain lateralization: The left hemisphere processes logical information, and the right hemisphere, creative. But what of the students interested in studies that fall within the intersection of disciplines?

False Alarm

Music Video Breakdown: 'False Alarm' by The Weeknd

The man who crashed cars in “The Hills” and burned alive in “Can’t Feel My Face” is alive and well and has apparently learned nothing about the grim realities of mortality.

The Lilypad
Off Campus

The Lilypad Offers Up Original Performances in Inman Square

The Lilypad, a tiny performance space and art gallery at the heart of Inman, is a far cry from the frenzy of university life. The venue hosts writers, musicians, and artists and, according to its website, brings audiences “The Most Original Live Music in the World. Every night.”

Morula III by Terry Winters
Visual Arts

MFA Opens Strong Slate of Fall Exhibitions

Boston's MFA opened two smaller fall exhibitions this weekend, focusing on contemporary artist Terry Winters and modernist photographer Imogen Cunningham.

Work from Home

Music Video Breakdown: 'Work from Home' by Fifth Harmony

Beneath their stunningly tousled tresses, the women of Fifth Harmony wear construction chic leotards that are about as appropriate for manual labor, as, well, women.

John N. Sakellariadis

Thesis Spotlight: John N. Sakellariadis '16

Soldiers had used the blank bed canvases on their cots to scrawl messages and drawings as they sailed away from home.

On Campus

A ‘Harvard Experience with Chastity,’ Explored Through Comedy

In just over an hour, Iascone plans to detail some of the best—and worst—moments of his amorous pursuits. And he isn’t deterred by the especially intimate nature of the show’s content. “I think [the stage] a really good place for comedy because it’s a place where you can really be vulnerable,” he says. “When you’re up there and telling something that’s personal to you and happened to you, the audience is automatically engaged in this human experience.”

 Megacities: “Super-Natural”
On Campus

Contemporary Art and Cities Intersect in 'Megacities Asia'

"Megacities Asia," exploring issues of contemporary urbanism through large-scale installations, opened at the Museum of Fine Arts.