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Capitalism Museum

Visitors can crank The Minimum Wage Machine by Blake Fall-Conroy to get one penny every 4 seconds, or $9/hour (minimum wage).

Arts Vanity: The Harvard Student’s Guide to Crystals

2018 will vault us firmly into the long-awaited and highly-anticipated next era: the Postdigital Age. In apocalyptic fashion, millennials ridden with Apple Watch anxiety and social-media-posing muscle spasms will band together to give up their gadgets for good, with Urban Outfitters, naturally, in the vanguard.

Looking Local: Boston and Its Contemporary Art

Boston's contemporary art scene is often perceived as a backwater, simply a little sister to New York's. Yet the city has a cultural ecology all its own, one that benefits from a concentration of universities and a strong sense of local community, but that may now be threatened by rising costs of living. The Crimson takes an in-depth look at the area's artistic environment.