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A Fresh Take on “Brave New World”

Although Huxley wrote “Brave New World” in 1931, Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company’s adaptation expressed the relevance of its themes today through costume, set design, and emotionally expressive dancing.

Arts Asks: Sandra Lerner

Sandra Lerner is a painter based in New York whose work explores the intersections between Eastern philosophy and theories in physics and cosmology. Her work is featured in collections around the world, including the Kampo Museum in Kyoto and the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Connecticut. Currently, ten of her paintings are on display in the Gutman Gallery, at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. This exhibit, “Creative Flux,” takes as its theme visual representations of Taoism and modern physics.

“The Little Years” Shines Light on Women in STEM

“We are large. We are cosmic. We are universal. We will not be made small,” Kier W. Zimmerman ’19 writes about women, particularly those interested in STEM, in her director’s note for “The Little Years.”