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A Flawed Perception of Hip-Hop

Moreover, many rappers come from impoverished neighborhoods and realize that, if they don’t seize the opportunity to make music that sells while they have the chance, they may never get another shot.

The Battle For Yardfest

Ten student performances will be competing for two spots to open for this year’s Yardfest headliner. While the battle is set for Mar. 22, The Harvard Crimson caught up with some of the bands to talk about their music and what they’re excited for.

Why We Must #FreeMeekMill

And if becoming one of modern rap’s most successful artists is not enough to overcome a mistake made in one’s youth, it is difficult to imagine what could be.

Alleviating the Effects of Misogyny in Rap and Hip Hop Music

While the core message of most songs do not line up with such belittling rhetoric, these words saturate the songs with misogynistic undertones, and their presence in so many top songs indicates how pervasive said undertones are.

Music Video Breakdown: 'God's Plan' by Drake

Over the course of the video, Drake saunters through the streets of Miami, brightening the days of unsuspecting community members with donations—groceries, scholarships, cars, literal stacks of cash.