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Nancy Boi

Welcome to Drag Night

On April 21, current students and pre-frosh gathered in Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub for Harvard’s annual Drag Night, hosted by the Harvard College Queer Students and Allies.


Eleganza: Unapologetically Amazing

With expertly timed choreography, eye-catching fashion, and a diverse cast of confident models, it is no surprise that hundreds of students—seniors and pre-frosh alike—flocked to Eleganza. With unbelievable scale and ambition, Eleganza truly stands as one of the greatest shows Harvard has to offer.

The "We Beefin?" mixtape cover.

What the Hell Happened: Wendy’s New Mixtape and Marketing in the Age of Memes

Why would over 100 thousand people go out of their way to listen to what is essentially an advertisement? The secret sauce is Wendy's long reputation as a meme marketer.

On Campus

THUDlash Elicits Thundering Support

Through the course of the show, THUD accomplished feats like playing percussion with Solo cups on two stacked tables, keeping up a complex drum beat on buckets while the buckets are kicked around to other drummers, and playing the drums on buckets placed on elevated legs.

Girls Burn Brighter Cover

‘Girls Burn Brighter’: A Sober Reminder of the Reality Many Women Face

Shobha Rao’s debut novel “Girls Burn Brighter” begins with a heart-wrenching tragedy, but is not the cause of the numerous horrors that follow.

Tiësto at Yardfest

The Battle For Yardfest

Ten student performances will be competing for two spots to open for this year’s Yardfest headliner. While the battle is set for Mar. 22, The Harvard Crimson caught up with some of the bands to talk about their music and what they’re excited for.

Sean Miyashiro

Sean Miyashiro talks 88rising, Asians in the Media, and Harvard

On Feb. 22, the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association hosted a panel discussion with 88rising, an up-and-coming media brand that features Asian and Asian-American artists. Following the discussion, The Harvard Crimson sat down with 88rising’s founder and CEO Sean Miyashiro to talk about what the company has overcome, and what’s in store for its future.

Sunburn Cover

Some Sun, Some Burn: Lippman’s Crime Thriller is a Mixed Bag

​Laura Lippman’s recently released crime thriller “Sunburn” is at times brilliant and at times unintentionally hilarious

BJM/Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal

Les Ballets Jazz Montréal Loses Sight of Its Powerful Purpose

While the performers nailed the choreography, the overdone skits ruined whatever physical feat and artistic mastery may have been there.

Magic Giant Photo

Artist Spotlight: Magic Giant

Los Angeles-based indie folk band Magic Giant recently released a video for the second single “Window” off of their debut album “In the Wind.”


‘Coco’ a Vibrant, Detailed, Rich Experience

“Coco,” the latest addition to Pixar’s incredible repertoire, once again combines powerful storytelling, attention to detail, and technical mastery to deliver a memorable movie experience.

Haunted Houses

Quincy Haunted House Not Just a Novelty, But an Experience

May this haunted house enter the pantheon of wonderful Harvard traditions.​


‘The Owl Answers’ Flourishes With Help of Playwright’s Grandson

Playwright Adrienne Kennedy was intimately involved in TDM’s production of her play, partially through the help of her grandson Jacob Kennedy.


From an Underground Man: Art Garfunkel Reflects on His Life, Work, and Relationships

Garfunkel began by explaining the process by which he composed his novel. “As I walked, I wrote. I wrote about my life, my marriage, and about Paul Simon.” The walks that he referred to were a series of staggered treks he made in the ’80s and ’90s, covering in installments the countries of Japan, Ireland, and the United States.


‘The Golden House’: A Meditation on America’s Decline

Rushdie makes clear that Trump was not a tragedy that befell an undeserving America but in fact a direct reflection of the way Americans interact with themselves and the world.