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Eleganza: Unapologetically Amazing

With expertly timed choreography, eye-catching fashion, and a diverse cast of confident models, it is no surprise that hundreds of students—seniors and pre-frosh alike—flocked to Eleganza. With unbelievable scale and ambition, Eleganza truly stands as one of the greatest shows Harvard has to offer.

THUDlash Elicits Thundering Support

Through the course of the show, THUD accomplished feats like playing percussion with Solo cups on two stacked tables, keeping up a complex drum beat on buckets while the buckets are kicked around to other drummers, and playing the drums on buckets placed on elevated legs.

The Battle For Yardfest

Ten student performances will be competing for two spots to open for this year’s Yardfest headliner. While the battle is set for Mar. 22, The Harvard Crimson caught up with some of the bands to talk about their music and what they’re excited for.

Sean Miyashiro talks 88rising, Asians in the Media, and Harvard

On Feb. 22, the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association hosted a panel discussion with 88rising, an up-and-coming media brand that features Asian and Asian-American artists. Following the discussion, The Harvard Crimson sat down with 88rising’s founder and CEO Sean Miyashiro to talk about what the company has overcome, and what’s in store for its future.