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Congressional Disorientation

The story of fresh-faced idealism, jockeyed against the cynicism of established old-timers, is not new, or even surprising. But last December, social media amplified the protests of a small group of new members who criticized the corporate, establishment nature of the IOP’s orientation.

The Harvard Pee-In of 1973

Kennedy dubbed the action “A Protest Pee-In On The Harvard Yard.” The demonstrators, following Kennedy’s cue, lined themselves up and slowly poured glass jars full of yellow liquid down the steps

A Dragapella Star With a Law Degree

“I was just on my own and I was not going to be stopped,” he remembers. “It was scary but most people were” — he pauses, choosing his words carefully — “polite.”

Naked in the Archives

Sargent believed precision was possible only when measuring students nude; the photographs likely served as an element of this extensive data collection, though he rarely referenced the pictures in his own writing.