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‘Love, Victor’ Plays It Too Safe

Despite the writers’ best attempts in the first episode, “Love, Victor” never manages to shake off the shortcomings of the original film. It feels too — in a word — safe.

An Absolutely Wonderful Thing: ‘Parks and Recreation’ Returns for Quarantine Reunion

For a Parks and Rec virgin, I’m sure the special was reasonably enjoyable. For anyone who’s watched the show in its entirety — or in my case, five times over — it was an endless barrage of nostalgia-tapping references, jokes, and guest appearances.

Chicken Feet

It was like this culinary cold war, a pissing contest for who’d eaten the weirdest animal appendage. I was hurt, not just because I had lost the war (my mom was never able to find frozen sheep penis at the grocery store, not even at Whole Foods), but because we were fighting it in the first place. What were we trying to prove? And to whom? Why?

Arts Vanity: Amidst Box Office Success of 'Frozen 2,' Disney Announces Plans for Franchise Expansion

Having made $358 million in its opening weekend, and after being called an “indomitable, enjoyable powerhouse” and “well-worth the six-year wait” by top critics, Disney plans to capitalize on the film’s momentum in a series of franchise expansions.

‘Frozen 2’ Is Well-Worth the Six Year Wait

Whatever goes on at Disney Animation Studios seems to be working, because “Frozen 2” is yet another indomitable, enjoyable powerhouse of an animated movie, and joins the canon of Disney classics — and in some ways, redefines it.