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Top Five Movies to Watch this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day nears and as Covid-19 continues to confine us to our homes, there’s no better way to celebrate than by cuddling up with loved ones and watching a cozy, heartwarming film.

‘The Silence’: An Impressionist Representation of Pandemic Living

In DeLillo’s story, there is but a single moment of realism slipping through the cracks of catastrophe. While our main characters fumble for purpose in a dark world, a lone woman still goes out for her run.

'The Undoing' Episode Three: A Slower Episode with Hints of Spice

With a feel more like a soap opera episode or a TV sitcom, “Do No Harm” doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of anything. The audience gets to meet a few new characters and see a couple new places, but by and large, it’s nothing special.

'The Undoing' Episode Two: A Thriller Like Few Others

This week’s installment of “The Undoing,” titled “The Missing,” takes a sharp turn from the pleasant and cozy life of the Fraser family, quickly turning into an hour of suspense and tension.