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Agent Running in the Field Cover

John Le Carré Wows with ‘Agent Running in the Field’

Although the superficial plot resembles that of his other works, Le Carré provides an exciting journey like none before.

Picard Logo

‘Picard’: ‘Star Trek’ Bust or New Birth?

As “Picard” takes up the mantle alongside the other airing “Star Trek” shows “Discovery” and “Short Treks,” it has mighty shoes to fill.

Nancy Drew Still

'Nancy Drew': A Riverdale Remake or Something More?

The CW is bringing “Nancy Drew” to the screen with the hope of finding the proper balance between intriguing stories and the usual cast of attractive actors.


Boston Performers, Global Music, and a Transnational Cause: Memorial Church Hosts Benefit Concert for Refugees

Memorial Church opened its doors to welcome performers for its inaugural “Help the Children” Benefit Concert, held to raise money and awareness for immigration rights at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Hamlet at the Loeb Ex Review

‘Hamlet’ Still Wowing Audiences after Four Hundred Years

Under the unique direction of Isaiah O. Michalski ’21, “Hamlet” breaks out of its 16th century Shakespearean mold in a production that proves to be incredibly relevant to the present and riveting until the very end.

Big Mouth Season 2 Photo

‘Big Mouth’ Season Two Entertains and Educates

“Big Mouth” unflinchingly shows the pimple-filled, hormone-laden journey through adolescence that every child makes while educating and reassuring along the way that there is no one way through puberty and this show makes that clear.

Star Wars Resistance Photo

‘Star Wars Resistance’ An Enjoyable, Youthful Take on the Star Wars Universe

The show refreshingly leads the audience on another untold story in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

Lake Success Cover

The Personal Journey that is ‘Lake Success’

Gary Shteyngart, the author of countless New York Times bestsellers, uses language as a medium, creating vivid landscapes and deeply complex characters in “Lake Success.”

Magnum P.I. Photo

‘Magnum P.I.’: High Quality Remake or Pinned in the Past?

The focus of the remake is on special effects and copying past themes, rather than the personalities and sweeping character arcs that marked the original show.