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Devah Pager

Devah Pager, Harvard Sociology Professor and Pioneer, Dies at 46

Harvard Sociology Professor Devah I. Pager, a groundbreaking researcher, advisor, teacher, and mother beloved by her students and family, died on Nov. 2. She was 46 years old.

Emerson Hall
On Campus

Catholic Student Association Hosts Inaugural 'Catholic Sex Week'

Theologian Janet E. Smith delved into the Catholic Church’s stance on sex and sexuality in a lecture hosted by the Catholic Student Association Thursday evening.

Trick or Treat

Students Celebrate Halloween with Costumes, Candy

College students celebrated Halloween Wednesday night with costumes and candy.

Science Center

Xiaowei Zhuang Awarded 2019 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences

Zhuang’s laboratory invented Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy, an imaging technique that surpasses the limitations of traditional light microscopes to create 3-D, ultra-high resolution images of cells and tissues.

The Press Has Never Been More Vital to the Survival of Democracy Event

'It's Not Resistance, It's Reporting': Jill Abramson and Jane Mayer Talk Partisanship and the Press

The two journalists talked about their decades of experience covering both the executive branch and sexual harassment at the highest levels of the American government.

On Campus

How to Avoid People Around Campus

Hire a bodyguard/entourage. Only order UberEats.