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‘The 40-Year-Old Version’ Is A Hilarious Exploration of Artistic Autonomy

Does a washed up playwright approaching 40 have any business dabbling in rap? Ultimately, the film answers this question with a resounding “yes.” “The 40-Year-Old Version” is witty and stirring, illuminating the ways we can subvert the power structures that limit artistic expression.

‘Smooth Talk’: 1985’s Bittersweet Coming of Age Story Remains Resonant in 2020

With Laura Dern’s multifaceted performance at its forefront, “Smooth Talk” is a realistic portrait of family dynamics and a compelling look at the expectations imposed upon teenage girls as they come of age.

‘The Devil All the Time’ Is Full of Talent, But Lacks Substance

While the “The Devil All the Time” brims with talent, from mastered southern drawls to chilling sociopathic expressions, the unsympathetic characters and disjointed plot cripple the film’s potential to offer anything more than a long sequence of gratuitous violence and melodrama.