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Artist Profile: Dora Jar Brings Her Musical Dreamscapes to Boston

As she brought her propulsive, haunting indie-pop sound to audiences around the country on her first headlining tour this fall, Jar drew inspiration from the surreal beauty of Cirque du Soleil shows, with their synthesis of wild visuals, music, athleticism, and dance.

‘See How They Run' Review: A Stylish But Hollow Whodunit

While suspicion shifts to several different characters over the course of the film, their motives are rarely surprising, and the beats of the mystery feel flat as the finale nears. The film shines more in its humor than its suspense.

From Cannes: ‘War Pony’ Offers Engrossing, Vital Coming of Age Stories

The affecting drama is a triumph of communal filmmaking that highlights the perspectives of Native creatives, offering a fluid coming-of-age story that resists the narrative urge to insert artificial endings.