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Hawaii Protest
Around Town

A Thirty Meter Impact

Five-thousand miles away, a video call beams from the Big Island of Hawaii into Boylston Hall. Tonight, a panel of Hawaiian academics is directing the audience’s attention toward a conversation that has captured the hearts of the people — the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea.

Data Equity Bill
The Scoop

Please Choose the Most Representative Answer

To some, this is little more than another bubble to fill on a fifteen-page form or test. But do these multiple choice options oversimplify the nuances of one’s racial identity?

888 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA

Occupy 888

In 1971, a group of protestors occupied a Harvard-owned building on Memorial Drive. To them, the building stood as a symbol of the University's failure to listen to both its own community’s demands for a women’s center and the surrounding neighboring Riverside community’s need for affordable public housing.

William G. Kaelin doing lab work

Hey Professor: Nobel Achievements with Dr. William Kaelin

A conversation with Harvard's most recent Nobel prize winner on the philosophy behind his research, the welcomeness of unexpected experimental results, and whether or not he normally wears button downs at 5 a.m.