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I have all the necessities of a modern Zoom workspace: a Harvard™ Mug™ to remind me I go to school in Boston (no, the other one in Cambridge), a calculator for my case interviews with McKinsey, and a bottle of generic Advil because God knows we can’t afford health insurance in this economy.

A Thirty Meter Impact

Five-thousand miles away, a video call beams from the Big Island of Hawaii into Boylston Hall. Tonight, a panel of Hawaiian academics is directing the audience’s attention toward a conversation that has captured the hearts of the people — the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea.

Occupy 888

In 1971, a group of protestors occupied a Harvard-owned building on Memorial Drive. To them, the building stood as a symbol of the University's failure to listen to both its own community’s demands for a women’s center and the surrounding neighboring Riverside community’s need for affordable public housing.

Hey Professor: Nobel Achievements with Dr. William Kaelin

A conversation with Harvard's most recent Nobel prize winner on the philosophy behind his research, the welcomeness of unexpected experimental results, and whether or not he normally wears button downs at 5 a.m.