Dining Delights

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Sock Monkey Slippers

Snapshots of Spring Break

A Fall treat you can easily make.
Dining Delights

Seasonal Treats for the Busy, Broke and 'Culinarily Inept'

Nothing complements the fall spirit and curbs cravings for the sweet, nourishing comfort of home quite like food.


All Houses To Restrict Inter-House Dining on Thursday Nights

The new policy, which is slated to take effect today, was announced in an email sent to the student body by Dean of the Office of Student Life Stephen Lassonde.

Food and Drink

The Verdict: Eat Me! Salad

Welcome to The Verdict, Flyby's newest advice column! After living at Harvard for officially 82 days (88 if you count FOP; big shout out to FOP 12!), I can finally say I am happy with my meals here. I have figured out to get exactly what I want out of every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyone complains about the dining hall food, many for good reason; but if you search a little harder and spend five more minutes curating your plate, there’s no reason not to be satiated and, dare I say it, satisfied.

Harvest Dinner

Harvest Dinner

Decorations cover the entree line in Lowell Dining Hall Thursday evening, Oct. 24th, 2013. Harvard dining halls offered a harvest-themed dinner with mashed potatoes, fresh squash and other fall delicacies.

On Campus

Scene and Heard: Beat Hotel

On Campus

Bistro Lev

This year, rumor has it that Leverett Dining Hall has rebranded itself as “Bistro Lev” due to Cambridge zoning laws which currently classify it as an assembly/residence. While we can’t speak to the truth of this, we know for certain that Harvard’s food scene has irrevocably changed.

Food and Drink

Food Mashup: Annenberg Edition

Having been here for almost a month now, the novelty of getting to eat hamburgers and spaghetti all the time has officially faded. Even ice cream just isn’t so special anymore. (Disclaimer: It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve had ice cream basically every day here; freshman fifteen here I come!)

Rialto Chef
Student Life

Open Table: Cambridge's High-Powered Restaurant World

With so many top chefs jockeying for a position, Cambridge can now lay claim to being a fine dining destination. And you thought Harvard college life was competitive.

Food and Drink



Yale's Salad Days

Dear Harvard, We know its midterms season and times are tough. From all of us at Flyby, here's something to put your mental anguish into perspective.

Eastman and Pooh
On Campus

Today in Photos: 11/26/12

Food and Drink

Chill Out

In this series, we showcase creative and delicious recipes that can be made using only food found in dining halls. With the weather heating up here in Cambridge, you'll find yourself craving deliciously refreshing—if far too expensive—cool drinks from places around the Square. Head to your dining hall instead and use this installment of Dining Delights to make your own chilled beverages.

Food and Drink



Valentine's Day

In this series, we showcase creative and delicious recipes that can be made using only food found in dining halls. Whether you've already sent your valentines or wish the holiday didn't exist at all, spoil yourself, your friends, and your lover(s) this Feb. 14 with these love-inspired treats! Unlike those shiny red boxes of heart-shaped chocolates, these delicious recipes won't cost you a dime.

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize

Central Administration

Amidst Title IX Debate, Law Faculty Raise Governance Concerns

John Stilgoe Office

John Stilgoe’s Secret History

Big States, Little States

Beyond Boston: Regional Diversity at Harvard