Visual Arts

Youth Shelter Displays Art Exhibition

Aiming to bring awareness to youth homelessness through artwork, the Y2Y homeless shelter hosted an art exhibition on Saturday as part of this weekend’s Arts First Festival.

Harvard Kennedy School

Documentary Cautions Against Clandestine Cyber Warfare

​Director Alex Gibney called for a national discussion on cyber warfare at a screening of “Zero Hour,” his documentary on the details of a U.S.-Israeli cyberattack on Iran's nuclear program.


Aspiring Entrepreneurs Gather for Intercollegiate Pitch Off

​Dozens of entrepreneurial teams from six schools descended upon Yenching auditorium Saturday for the Intercollegiate Pitch Off as a part of an undergraduate-run accelerator demo.


Photographer Captures Reality of Juvenile Detention System

Speaking over a slideshow of his photography, video, and audio recordings, photographer Richard Ross presented his work shedding light on the juvenile prison system on Wednesday.


Brookings Fellow Lays Out Transition Plan for New Middle Eastern Regimes

In his new book on unfinished revolutions in the Middle East, Brookings Institution Senior Foreign Policy Fellow Ibrahim Fraihat proposed that new governments lead inclusive national discussions to avoid violence and civil war.

Steve Aoki's Selfie

Photos of the Weekend 04.24.16

Occupation and LGBT Rights
Harvard Law School

Occupation and LGBT Rights

Aeyal M. Gross, a Harvard Law School alumnus and current Associate Professor at Tel Aviv University, discusses LGBT rights in Israel. The event, “When LGBT Rights Are used to Justify Occupation: How We Can Advocate Without Pinkwashing Oppression,” was organized by Harvard Law School Lambda, a community of students who identity as LGBTQ+.

Getting Exposure

Getting Exposure

Members of the Harvard Radcliffe Modern Dance Company rehearse for Exposure, a performance its producers say is inspired by photography and the photographic process. The show opens tonight in Farkas Hall.

Where Your UC Student Life Fee Goes
Undergraduate Council

Where Your UC Student Activities Fee Goes

In theory, most undergraduates at Harvard have a stake in UC funding policies. To finance student events, the College requests undergraduates pay a $75 UC Activities fee each academic year. Here is where their money goes.


Radcliffe Fellow Labels Problems with Chicago Police Systemic

Associate professor of African and African American studies Laurence A. Ralph argued that treating cases of the police using extralegal force as isolated problems can lead to less accountability.

Visual Arts

Installation Portrays Modernity as Apocalyptic

Drawing inspiration from the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, a large, outdoor audio-visual art installation sponsored by the Harvard University Committee on the Arts portrays modernity through a chaotic, apocalyptic lens.

Harvard Law School

Experts in Psychology, Law Discuss Juvenile Sentencing

​Experts in forensic psychology, law, and juvenile justice policy discussed the Supreme Court’s decision to retroactively apply a recent ruling to ban mandatory life without possibility of parole for some 2,000 incarcerated juvenile homicides at the Harvard Law School Wednesday.

Michelle A. Rhee at the IOP

Former D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Defends Policies

Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor of the Washington D.C. Public Schools and founder of the StudentsFirst advocacy organization​, reflected on the challenges she faced and the criticisms she received for her education policies while in office.

Gore Speaks

Al Gore Optimistic About Improving Global Sustainability

In almost fitting fashion, former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore ’69 drove from Manhattan after inclement weather cancelled his flight, and arrived only twenty minutes late to deliver his talk, “Confronting The Climate Crisis: Critical Roles for the US and China.”

Italian Ideology

Amidst Terrorism, Italian Leader Calls for Investing in Education

Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi called for greater investments in culture and education, in addition to national security, to stabilize current political and economic unrest in Europe on Thursday.