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After 1,500 "Rocky Horror" Screenings, Harvard Square Movie Theater To Close in July

If you have not yet seen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the movie theater in Harvard Square, you have only three more Saturday nights to do so.


Faust and Undocumented Students Welcome Obama's Immigration Order

President Barack Obama’s executive decision Friday to limit the deportation of undocumented immigrants has been met with a mixture of joy and scrutiny from the Harvard community.


SEAS Team Develops Ice-Repelling Technology

A new technology to prevent ice and frost from forming on surfaces has been developed by a team of Harvard researchers led by engineering professor Joanna Aizenberg. The technology, known as Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces—SLIPS, for short—even works in humid and high-pressure conditions, where ice has historically been difficult to repel.

Felipe's Taqueria

The Burrito Brawl: A Case for Felipe's

Within a few months of living in Cambridge, I began to ask myself how on earth do Boloco, Chipotle, and Qdoba compete with Felipe’s?


Make Music Harvard Square to Provide Eight Hours of Live Music

The fifth annual Make Music Harvard Square festival will bring eight hours of live music to the Square.


Groundbreaking AIDS Researcher Dies at 62

Norman L. Letvin ’71 was remembered after his death last month for not only his groundbreaking research but also his welcoming demeanor, musical gifts, and devotion to family.


Using Google to Track Racism

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a Harvard doctoral candidate in economics, recently wrote a paper which uses data from Google searches as a gauge of racial attitudes in the United States.




Losing Their Minds

A freezer malfunction at the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center damaged 150 brain samples.

Old Books

Course Catalog for 2012-13 Now Available

For those looking to get a head start on Pre-Term Planning, which opens on June 4, the course catalog for the 2012-13 academic year is now available via the Registrar's website. Among the thousands of different courses offered in Harvard's 46 varying concentrations, a few stand out. For your reading enjoyment, we've chosen two that we find particularly interesting.


Harvard To Offer Master's Degree in Computational Science and Engineering

Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences will launch a new master's degree program in Computational Science and Engineering this fall, with enrollment beginning in September 2013.


ART's Production of 'Porgy and Bess' Receives 10 Tony Nominations

“The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess,” an adaptation of the 1935 opera, scooped up ten Tony nominations last Tuesday, second only to “Once,” the musical version of the eponymous 2006 film.


Russan Monks Continue Lowell Bell Tradition

Father Roman Ogrzykov, the head bellringer at the Danilov Monastery in Moscow, manipulated the Lowell Bells with ease on Wednesday afternoon, quickly tolling the three quick strokes that ended that afternoon’s bellringing session.



Exactly 2,032 students were accepted to the class of 2016, and those who haven't already committed must make a decision tomorrow. While we here at Flyby know the choice is obvious, we offer this playlist to any prospective students still grappling with indecision.


Students Required to Submit Sources for Final Expos Papers

In an effort to more rigorously teach students about the proper use of external sources, the Harvard College Writing Program now requires freshmen to submit not only a bibliography but full PDFs or photocopies of all materials cited in their final papers for Expository Writing 20.

Free Time

In Search of Lost Time

Larry, In His Element

Professor Summers

Data Sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting by the Numbers: Data Visualization

School at School

What We Forget About School: School