The FM Dictionary

Freshman Wander and The Mayopoulos Effect
By Laura E. Hatt and S. Levi Spickler

Freshman Wander (noun): the migratory movement of packs of first-year college students in pursuit of alcohol.

-Once I thought I saw a herd of antelope crossing the Yard, but it was just the Freshman Wander.

-Either the tourists are here at 2:00 a.m. to beat the crowds, or the Freshman Wander is passing through.

-I was headed to Lamont when I accidentally ran into the Freshman Wander. Next thing I knew, I was halfway to the Quad.

-I don’t need to hit the MAC. I’ve done the Freshman Wander every weekend this month.

-Hide the liquor, I hear reports of a Freshman Wander.

The Mayopoulos Effect (noun): A phenomenon observed in the 2014 Harvard UC elections in which every candidate thinks he/she is a comedian.

-No. Hillary’s not actually doing stand-up. That’s just the Mayopoulos Effect.

-My UC reps keeps making bad puns. It must be the Mayopoulos Effect.

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