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Tech Terms: A Guide for the Non Tech-Savvy

Confused by all the tech jargon STEM concentrators are always bandying about? Us too, but we’ve managed to figure out Wikipedia, so here are some simple, plain English definitions for some common tech terms that you might see on the Internet, hear on the street, or have to explain to your grandmother.

Venn Diagram

Both Huge chunk of your life gone before you know it Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning required The closer you are to being done, the more you play with your phone in class Causes mass hysteria Won’t be relevant in two months

Gus and Sietse Play Chess

Gus and Sietse Play Chess

Scene and Heard: Harvard's Drug Class

I had high hopes (pun intended) for the History of Science 140v: “The Historical and Cultural Lives of Drugs in the U.S.” lecture I was sitting in on. Would we discuss the pros and cons of doing various drugs? Would we learn that Ben Franklin secretly had a coke problem? Would there be free weed? The possibilities were endless.

Venn Diagram: Pudding v. Putin

Pudding Hasty Really into drag Annexed Tommy Doyle’s Kick­lines Big fan of NPH Loves plays and thespians Woman of the Year Secret society